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INTO is a family of National Trusts

Families share values and look after each other; everyone matters – small and large – and our job is to help them all to do their very best work

Growing global capacity for conservation

The more people that share the values of heritage – of identity, memory, diversity, humanity – the more chance there is that protecting our heritage will become integral to our global society’s future

A voice for heritage

Our members have urged INTO to speak out more loudly and more often on behalf of the National Trust movement


We are delighted to be a part of this ambitious new Interreg Europe project dedicated to castles, manors and estates

2019 INTO Conference in Bermuda

The National Trusts of the world gather every two years to exchange information and discuss important issues. In 2019 the 18th ICNT was held in Bermuda from 26-31 March.

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2019 Conference was in Bermuda

The 18th International Conference of National Trusts was hosted by the National Trust of Bermuda.

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INTO Programmes and Campaigns

INTO serves as an indispensable resource among National Trust and like-minded organisations, bringing people together to share information, best practices and inspiration. We offer an invaluable bank of knowledge and experience to strengthen existing National Trusts and similar bodies towards the achievement of their objectives, and to empower communities seeking to develop new Trust-like organisations.

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News from our Member Trusts

The INTO membership includes established organisations which have been practising heritage conservation for many years as well as new and developing Trusts. No one has all the answers and there is as much for the mature bodies to learn as the fledgling ones. Here a National Trust apprentice joiner from the UK shares experience on an INTO Working Holiday in Tongli, China.

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Our Amicus Programme

The INTO Amicus Programme brings together a very special group of individuals who care deeply about the important international work that INTO performs. Amicus members contribute financially in support of INTO and share in being a direct part of this special group.

We are INTO

Our Latest Posts

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    Latest news from the INTO Secretariat
    The Secretariat has focussed this quarter on consolidation and planning for the future, across all four strategies.  We have made exciting steps forward with our new programmes, TAP-INTO and ASK-INTO.  We also continue to develop the […]

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  • American Dreams (Weekly blog, 10 No...

    And A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    This week I’ve been meeting American partners with Hilary McGrady, Director-General of the NT (England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

    Pic-er-nic Baskets
    First up was the National Parks Service.  As Hilary said, it’s not often she meets […]

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  • Paris in the Autumn (Weekly blog, 3...

    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    Last year, I was in Paris around this time for the Salon du Patrimoine with INTO members, Rempart. This week, I’ve been back again.  Part holiday, partly for the 2019 European Heritage Summit.  Europa Nostra […]

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  • Climate change, heritage and Europe...

    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    This week has centred on cultural heritage and either climate change – or the future of Europe!
    Firstly, on Monday I joined colleagues from across the sector at The Heritage Alliance’s annual debate. This year it […]

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  • Trustees to visit Rajasthan (Weekly...

    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    Trustees meeting
    This week, we confirmed that the INTO Trustees will meet in India next year.  The Board generally meets by teleconference on a quarterly basis. And every two years in person at the International Conference […]

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  • Plain English (Weekly blog, 13 Octo...

    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    This week I went on a plain English training course.  The day-long programme helps people write more clearly, in an appropriate style for the audience.  And in shorter sentences.  Plain English means writing something as […]

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  • Climate reflections (Weekly blog, 6...

    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General
    Climate change was the theme of a podcast I recorded for the ROCK project this week.  ROCK is developing new approaches for the regeneration and reuse of historic city centres.  It’s an EU Horizon 2020 […]

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  • Visiteering – a mix of visiti...

    A volunteer cleaning windows at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire ©National Trust Images/John Millar
    Building engagement at heritage sites through visiteering
    Our Innocastle partners identified two specific practices they wanted to share from their study visit to the UK in May.  These are […]

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  • Programming for heritage...

    © National Trust/John Millar
    Everything speaks: Increasing visibility of heritage sites through cultural programming
    Our Innocastle partners identified two specific practices they wanted to share from their study visit to the UK in May.  These are now available on the Interreg Europe […]

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The overarching mission of INTO is to promote the conservation and enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world

INTO is an international network of National Trusts and similar non-governmental organisations, globally diverse but united in a shared commitment to work through cooperation, coordination and comradeship. INTO works to develop and promote best conservation practices, increase the capacity of individual organisations, establish Trusts where they do not presently exist, and advocate in the interests of heritage conservation.

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