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  • National Trust launches new strategy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

    Posted on March 23, 2015

    Playing our part imageThe National Trust today (Monday, 23 March) launched an ambitious plan to nurse the natural environment back to health and reverse the alarming decline in wildlife – as it warned time was running out to save the countryside from further harm.

    Europe’s biggest conservation charity said climate change now poses the single biggest threat to the places the Trust looks after, bringing new, damaging threats to a natural environment already under-pressure, and a growing conservation challenge to its houses and gardens. The countryside had been damaged by decades of unsustainable land management, which has seen intensive farming and now climate change undermine the long-term health of the land. 60% of species have declined in the UK over the last 50 years, habitats have been destroyed and over-worked soils have been washed out to sea.

    The Trust said it would challenge itself to develop new, innovative ways of managing land on a large scale, which were good for farmers, good for the economy and good for the environment. It also pledged to work with partners to help look after some of the country’s most important landscapes, reconnecting habitats and bringing back their natural beauty.

    Download the Trust’s new strategy here.Playing our part image 2

    Read more about the thinking behind it here.

    These key themes of ‘Playing our Part’ are:

    • Looking after our places
    • Healthy, beautiful natural environment
    • Experiences of our places that move, teach and inspire
    • Helping to look after the places people live

    All four will feature very highly in the forthcoming INTO Conference, co-hosted by the National Trust in Cambridge.

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