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  • Don’t forget the National Trust’s London

    Posted on May 23, 2015

    A personal point of view about London by Bill Turner, INTO Vice-Chair.

    Really no trip to England is complete without spending some time in London, one of the most exciting cities in the world. There is so much National Trust to see in London.

    The map below shows the location of the key National Trust properties in the London area. All are worth the effort to visit. Check their website for open times and travel details.
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    A few recommendations come to mind:

    Sutton House A fascinating property, as much for the way that the National Trust has used it to connect to and be a part of this community. It also illustrates how the changing phases of a building are all important parts of its history.
    The Red House A must for William Morris fans. If you love Morris you HAVE to go here.
    Fenton House A beautiful little house, with an amazing collection of musical instruments in a fascinating garden.
    Ham House and Garden (go by boat on the river, walk along the riverside path to approach this gem from the river). Osterley Park and House
    2 Willow Road A charming property, important in the history of modern architecture.
    The George Inn The Inn still functions as a pub and you can have a drink or even a meal. (time you visit so that you can take in the Borough Market virtually across the road). Consider walking from the George Inn to Westminster Bridge along the south bank of the Thames (there is a beautiful walking path).

    Plan to spend some time in London, make the effort to visit these and other National Trust properties from your base in London. You will always be rewarded by wonderful experiences. London is an easy city to get around in with a vast public transport system. Get an Oyster card upon arrival, it will be the best investment you can make. The core of London is actually quite small and walking or cycling are very practical ways of getting around. London has a wonderful system of pickup and drop bicycle rentals. Walking can often be the fastest way between two points (and you see so much more). Spend some time in the Royal Parks. Don’t miss Little Venice and a walk along the canal to Regent Park or Camden Town.
    Take in at least one live theatre performance. There can be bargains on last minute tickets, but beware, many of the best shows (Les Miserables for example) do not discount and are usually sold out so consider purchasing tickets well in advance.
    London is a very safe city and the London Police are friendly and helpful. Never be afraid to ask for directions or just to say hello.

    Above all, come to the conference, be inspired, then drink in the magic of the English countryside and finish off with a bit of National Trust London. Nothing could be better!

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