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  • New e-textbook about Rising Sea Level

    Posted on June 23, 2015

    We received this notice from John Englander, Author of High Tide On Main Street and a acknowledged expert on the issues and impacts of Rising Sea Levels.

    • Climate Change / Ocean Impacts Blog
    RSLC Cover
    “Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis,” my new digital textbook was just published. It is a complete reformat of my best selling book, “High Tide On Main Street” that has been specially designed as a collegiate edition.
    This digital version has extensive graphics, embedded videos, and rich hyperlinked content. The six chapters easily fit into a semester time frame. Each chapter has a section in the teacher version with questions for students, and a PowerPoint with the related graphics. As an added feature, teachers have the ability to customize by adding their own relevant material into the chapters.
    At the link below, there is a free chapter for your review. Any professional teacher can also request a free evaluation copy of the whole e-book.
    If you are looking for a primary or supplemental textbook about sea level rise, I hope you will consider using this e-book. It would also be appreciated if you could let any appropriate colleagues, professional groups or departments know about this new collegiate edition e-textbook. The original hardcopy book has been used in college courses ranging from geology and environmental science to anthropology and architecture.
    The publisher Trunity will be hosting a live webinar where I will be reviewing the e-book. Participants will get a first hand look at all the new features. The webinar is on Tuesday, June 30th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT. Here is the link to register:

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