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  • COP 21 has started and how!

    Posted on November 30, 2015
    From left to right : Andrew Potts, Anika Molesworth, Oliver Maurice, Keith Jones

    From left to right : Andrew Potts, Anika Molesworth, Oliver Maurice, Keith Jones

    Yesterday while we were not marching but setting out our stall, I am reliably informed by our partners at the GCCA (Global Call for Climate Action) that: “in 2300 events in 175 countries, over 570,000 people gathered, cycled, marched and danced spreading their message for a fairer, cleaner, safer world. People of faith, impacted people, the young and old, activists, development workers, and trade unionists, all joined together to show that they have been driving and demanding the transition to 100% renewable energy.”

    The pressure is really on for the Heads of State and Heads of Government who have arrived here today amidst extremely tight security, to reach an agreement that is meaningful.

    The only visitor to our stand yesterday – we were not really open for business – was a woman from the Ministry of the Environment in the Congo who greeted me as a long lost friend, having apparently met me in Durban at COP 17 and not only remembered my name but my wife, Deborah’s too!

    Last night the INTO delegation met up for dinner and discussed not only our modus operandi for the first week but also the Side Event which Andrew Potts, (US ICOMOS) has organised for tomorrow.

    The stand itself is not well located, at the end of the row and facing a blank wall, so I asked to be allowed to move to one of the vacant stands in the centre of the complex and happily permission was granted and the move took place at the end of today.

    Copy 21 Angels We received an angelic and purposeful greeting this morning on arrival at the start of the COP – a contrast to the machine guns that were much in evidence outside the complex!

    We have had a number of visitors to the stand including a Peruvian group in traditional dress who were very interested to hear that we were involved, through our members, in the conservation of the intangible cultural heritage including customs and costumes!

    Cop 21 3Cop21 2

    I managed to secure interviews with the Climate Change studio for both Anika and Keith Jones this afternoon. The recordings will be linked to a future blog when they are available.

    Cop 21 Anika interview

    Outcomes of the negotiations of the first day will be reported in the next blog
    Oliver Maurice
    30 November

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