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  • A REMPART project is…

    Posted on June 30, 2016


    Rempart project at Château de Termes © Wikipedia

    Rempart project at Château de Termes © Wikimedia

    INTO Members, Association Rempart, celebrate their 50th anniversary on 11 July.

    To mark this event, their General Assembly adopted the following text (translated from the original French) which we hope you will find inspiring:

    A REMPART project is… (Text adopted by the General Assembly of the 15th of May 2016)

    A REMPART project is : an ambition, an ideal.

    A REMPART project means collective commitment.
    A project open to all, benevolent and welcoming as part of a collective action, a source of fulfillment and social bonding between individuals.
    It is shared by volunteers from different parts of the world.
    It helps people take the time, to watch, exchange, understand, learn and create.
    It maintains a long term outlook, not subject to an ethos of consumption.
    It organizes full access for all to participation, commitment, and responsibility.

    A REMPART project means passing on heritage.
    It is a cultural project which is rooted in the long term on local heritage sites which are surveyed and chosen together.
    It gives citizens the role of being responsible for the collective heritage they help to restore as well as passing it on to future generations.
    It makes heritage sites into a medium and constructive way of passing on knowledge and skills. It invites people to reflect upon complex issues concerning economic, social and environmental factors.

    A REMPART project means acting in a network.
    It is a human sized project which depends on the goodwill of organized citizens, concerned about their heritage, and collectively committed to its conservation.
    It takes part in a dynamic process of partnerships and networks, acting on a local and international scale.
    It contributes to the development of government policies, it is representative of the common good.
    As such, it lays claim to the unconditional support of public authorities.
    It unites, in a given territory, private partners  or those of the social and solidarity economy.

    A REMPART project is, above all, an ideal which is achieved when individuals come together and work together on a heritage project, in order to make a fairer, more fraternal society based on the notion of solidarity.

    Join us in wishing this amazing organisation Bon anniversaire!

    Chantiers REMPART (VF ST anglais) from Union REMPART on Vimeo.

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