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  • The Bermuda National Trust e-newsletter

    Posted on September 23, 2016



    img_0421Protecting Endemic Species

    We are currently in the process of creating a Conservation Management Plan for our two islands located in Ely’s Harbour, Palm Island and Morgan’s Island. These islands form a valuable habitat, detached from the main island. Both have a healthy population of endemic species but over the years several invasive species have taken hold. Our Conservation Officer joined ornithologist, naturalist and conservationist David Wingate to map out vegetation and wildlife on the islands. This information will help form an accurate map showing current conditions and habitats which will be used to identify where sensitive endemic habitats can be found, along with areas populated by invasive species.

    This research will ultimately form an invasive species removal plan with several phases including invasive culling, endemic planting and monitoring. Once the plan has been approved by the Department of Planning, our conservation staff members and multiple groups of volunteers will work to help protect these unique environments. Find out more about Conservation Management Plans at and contact to find out how you can volunteer on important projects like this.

    img_0422 Camps and After School Activities

    We have two exciting opportunities for kids to kick off the fall term. Every Tuesday afternoon from September 20th until December 13th (except October 25th) the Axis Education Centre at Waterville will be transformed into an inspiring workshop where students will learn artisan crafts such as quilting, woodworking, baking, embroidery, baking and knitting. Workshops will be taught by our education team and local master craftspeople who will instruct the students on designing and carrying out their handmade projects.

    Coming up in October, our Fall Harvest Camp promises to keep them busy during the mid-term school break (24th to the 28th of October). We’ll be taking trips to local farms, telling ghost stories at historic Verdmont, hosting crafternoons at Waterville and teaching harvest traditions to celebrate the season, rounding off the week with a fabulous festive feast.

    For information on either our After School Artisan Workshop or our Fall Harvest Camp, please visit or email

    img_0423 Bill Zuill Appointed as Executive Director

    We are delighted to announce that Bill Zuill has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Bermuda National Trust. Mr. Zuill has a background in journalism and management and will be bringing with him a wealth of knowledge. Speaking exclusively to BNT members, Mr. Zuill said “I am deeply honoured to have been selected as the new Executive Director of the Bermuda National Trust. I know that I am stepping into very big shoes as Jennifer Gray left an exceptional legacy during her tenure.
    I have had an almost lifelong connection with the Trust and believe it has a vital role to play in Bermuda, not simply as a preserver and conservator of our natural and built heritage, but in helping people to understand how our heritage serves to connect all of us as a community.
    Almost all Bermuda residents recognise how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful place, but we don’t always recognise how important and difficult it is to maintain the delicate balance between its natural endowments and necessary development. The Trust has a vital role in raising awareness of how delicately balanced our home is. I look forward to continuing to raise that awareness, with the help of the Trust’s Council, its dedicated staff and volunteers, its broader membership and its incredibly generous donors.” We have the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Zuill to the Trust today!

    img_0424 New Volume of Bermuda Architectural Heritage

    Coming soon to the bookshelves of Bermuda, Pembroke is the eighth volume of ‘Bermuda’s Architectural Heritage’, a parish-by-parish series by the Bermuda National Trust dedicated to the preservation of our island’s heritage and designed to increase appreciation and understanding of Bermuda’s unique architecture. Watch this space for further details!

    img_0425Membership Renewal and Update

    Your membership with the Bermuda National Trust may be expiring at the end of the month so now is the perfect time to think about renewing in order to retain your fantastic membership perks and continue to play your part in preserving many of Bermuda’s most precious buildings and landscapes that are under the Trust’s care. The easiest way to renew your BNT membership is online at where you will also find information on benefits and our new rates. Members residing in Bermuda will shortly be receiving a reminder letter in the post. Visit for full details and to renew.

    To protect and promote Bermuda’s unique natural and cultural heritage forever.

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