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  • Reflections (Weekly blog, 30 October 2016)

    Posted on October 30, 2016
    A blog by Catherine Leonard, Secretary-General

    It was half-term this week so I’ve been on leave.  Well on and off leave, as are most of us these days.   Last Sunday we took the children to Oxford for the day.   Much of our time was spent in the Ashmolean.  Wow and double wow.  What an utterly amazing place!   (And ticked off two ‘topics’: the Egyptians and Ancient Greece.   Result.  I am a good parent after all …)   We then went up to grandparents in Suffolk and enjoyed some time at the seaside.  (Oh and recreated the start of Peter Duck’s voyage from Lowestoft Harbour.   More good parent marks.  Swallows and Amazons forever!)

    Ashmolean, Oxford

    Ashmolean, Oxford

    In between holiday high-jinks, I watched a couple more Global Giving webinars and am getting more excited about our forthcoming crowdfunding campaign.  Following the session on social media, I had a go at creating a piece of content on canva for use during the campaign.  What do you think?  Apparently we need to post something on facebook every day and on twitter up to three times a day.  Oh my.milly-image-with-text-for-social-media

    I’ve also been working on the script for my campaign video.   I had hoped to have something to share with you this evening, but I got carried away by Halloween and didn’t manage to record it.   My plan is to explain a little of what heritage means to me and link this to our young friends in Africa.  I find it quite hard to get the right balance for the fundraising ask, but I’ve been practising/testing out ideas every time I’m on my own: jogging, in the car, in the bath.  Watch this space!

    The campaign launces on 14 November.  You had get a sneak preview at (my first attempt at a customised short link, as recommended by the team!)  After 14 November, we’ll be asking you to share details with your networks and consider donating.  It’s a great project, after all!

    Tonight we’ve celebrated Halloween with a mini party.  I’m always a bit torn over Halloween.   Mixed feelings about how our family should be involved.   The children’s  school (a Church of England Primary) tends not to mark Halloween.  Although that’s more for religious reasons, I think, rather than commercial/globalization reasons.  But it has become something we ‘do’, along with Guy Fawkes and Loi Krathong at this time of year.  A good reason to get together with friends and family. And I think I’m OK with that.   What I’m less OK with is that 29 October would have been my greatly missed Dad’s birthday and 3 November is the day he died.  That makes remembering the dead (even if shrouded in trick-or-treating, jack o’lanterns, apple bobbing and general spookiness) all the more poignant.

    Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

    Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

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