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  • Encouraging African Youth to Embrace their Heritage

    Posted on November 10, 2016
    Heritage Club members in Uganda

    Heritage Club members in Uganda

    Heritage Education

    Young people are the future of protecting and preserving heritage all around the world.   For that reason, we launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign on 14 November 2016, which you can read about on our Global Giving webpage.

    Working with the Monuments and Relics Commission, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda and the Zimbabwe National Trust, our project aims to educate and enthuse young people in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe to actively learn about and appreciate their cultural backgrounds – and those of their continental neighbours.

    Heritage Club in Sierra Leone

    Heritage Club in Sierra Leone


    Our Project

    Heritage can often be seen as something for the elite – or as an irrelevant harping back to the past. Its economic value is not widely recognised. In fact, heritage is often associated with poverty. And yet culture, historic buildings, landscapes and traditions are essential to shaping our future wherever we are in the world.  They form a vital part of our identity and we must keep alive even the most hard-to-tell stories to avoid making the same mistakes.

    Our project aims to build on the brilliant work being done by our INTO member organisations in these three countries and will provide the space, both physical at Heritage Clubs and virtual via our international digital platform to bring together more than 300 young people to develop their understanding of heritage and the importance of preserving it.

    How you can help

    Please help us to help African youth embrace their heritage by:

    • emailing details to your friends and colleagues
    • sharing our tweets and facebook posts
    • and/or donating yourself – every little helps!

    Thank you so much!



    Find out more about the project on our Global Giving page

    Download the full project details here

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