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  • A week of birthdays (3 December 2017) #10yearsofINTO

    Posted on December 4, 2017
    A blog by Catherine Leonard, INTO Secretary-General

    Ten years ago today, INTO was launched at the 12th International Conference of National Trusts in New Delhi.   We have been marking INTO’s achievements since then for several months now, including a lovely party at our offices on Wednesday.  It was so nice to see friends old and new assembled to celebrate INTO’s first ten years.

    Oliver Maurice, Fiona Reynolds, Irena Edwards (Czechia), me, Peter Nasmyth (Georgia) and Antony Gibb (Jersey)

    Fiona gave a speech which highlighted some of our successes including:

    • Membership growth from 22 in 2008 to 76 in 2017
    • New Trusts established with INTO’s help in the Czech Republic, Georgia and Portugal
    • INTO has advertised 120 working holidays on behalf of its member organisations
    • Five ICNTs in four continents with over 700 delegates from more than 70 countries
    • 9 game changing small grants awarded

    What they say about INTO

    It’s great to have facts and figures (easy to read and digest!) but stories and anecdotes are also a good success measurement:

    Irena Edwards, Founding Chairman of the Czech National Trust said: “INTO was the link to the alma mater of the almighty British NT and its philosophy: ‘for ever and for everyone’.  The NT idea in its international form represented by INTO is exactly what the Czech heritage needed and we now have […] It helps to give us a standing which gets us a voice with the state and other organisations; it gives us a brand image which is instantly recognisable […] I met Catherine who was an incredible help . I could’t believe that something like INTO existed and somebody like Catherine led it!!” (How lovely!)

    One of my favourite quotes is this one from Martin Scicluna of Din l’Art Helwa, National Trust of Malta: “By joining the INTO, you are effectively employing a new team member, one with a wide range of experience and expertise to help your organisation grow and flourish.”

    And it’s wonderful to see the amazing progress being made by the National Trust of Zimbabwe with a little help from INTO.  I received their latest newsletter earlier today which shows what sort of an impact we can have.

    We have put together a timeline showing a variety of different highlights and milestones from across the globe over the past ten years.  And there’s also a more in-depth article on our website.

    And huge thanks to our INTO colleagues for spreading the word internationally.  Here’s a little selection:

    So my focus is now firmly on the future but it’s been nice reminiscing about the first ten years and looking forward to the next decade.   (As I have been doing with my family this last week with our two children’s birthdays and one grandparent.  It’s all go!)

    Out of focus but I think it captures the excitement of a 9-year old’s “Spy Party”

    More next time!

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