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  • Endangered species research: Louise Soanes

    Posted on March 7, 2018

    Louise Soanes, Research Associate, Anguilla National Trust

    “Being able to make positive contributions to endangered species research, and working with a great team in Anguilla who are extremely committed to preserving their island”

    What is your job?

    Research Associate at the University of Roehampton but based at the Anguilla National Trust. My research focuses on tropical seabirds, sea turtles and iguanas.

    How long have you been working for your organisation?

    Five years.

    What inspires you most about what you do?

    Being able to make positive contributions to endangered species research, and working with a great team in Anguilla are extremely committed to preserving their island.

    Why do you think your work is so important?

    As an organisation, the Anguilla National Trust strives to be a respected centre of environmental and cultural conservation and in doing so engender a revolution in environmental and cultural consciousness.

    Our vision for Anguilla is that the island becomes a model of outstanding environmental and cultural stewardship, management, and conservation.

    My research into endangered species is part of this and highlights the need to work both nationally and across territorial boundaries.

    What’s it like working as a woman in your organisation?

    I do not believe I have a different experience to a man in a University environment, although I am aware that the number of women in academia decreases in higher professions.  For example there are generally more females who undertake ecological related degrees, but until recently very few females with professorships.

    I know Universities across the UK are working to balance this out. I actually had a daughter in 2016 and felt very well supported by my colleagues and managers at the University and the Anguilla National Trust

    What question would you like to ask another inspiration woman from one of our international organisations?

    I would be interested to hear how they balance a professional career with having a family.


    What is the Anguilla National Trust?

    The Anguilla National Trust was founded in 1989 with the mandate to sustain the island’s natural and cultural heritage through active management and education for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

    The ANT has remained true to that mandate and, since its formation, has been instrumental in the creation of Anguilla’s national parks, conservation areas, and heritage sites and continue to be involved in their day-to-day management.

    The ANT conducts essential research and conservation work, including habitat and species monitoring and works year-round to raise public awareness about the fragility, complexity, and beauty of the island’s natural and cultural resources.

    Above all, the ANT acts as voice for Anguilla’s national heritage. The ANT has been in housed in the Old Customs Building in The Valley since 1991.



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