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  • Living with change – our shifting shores

    Posted on February 12, 2014

    An important article from the National Trust (England Wales and Northern Ireland)

    The succession of dramatic storms and surges that have battered our coast since early December 2013 continue to have huge impacts on people’s lives. Our coastal and marine advisor, Phil Dyke, looks and how we approach the challenge of living with a dynamic, changing coast.

    The first piece of land given to us in 1895 was five acres of gorse-covered cliff top at Dinas Oleu overlooking Cardigan Bay in Wales. Today, we care for almost a tenth of the coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland ranging from sand dunes and saltmarsh to villages and harbours.

    We’re very conscious that at many of these special coastal places we have some big challenges associated with sea-level rise, including coastal erosion and flooding.

    To read more of this fascinating article click here.

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