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  • What’s so special about Bermuda

    Posted on July 2, 2018

    Obviously every country has its own special characteristics, and we naturally want to share ours with you. Here in a few words, is some basic information (we’ll have more in future newsletters!):

    • It’s an archipelago of hundreds of islands located some 700 miles off the east coast of the USA, and is protected by the northernmost coral reef in the world.

    • Well known for its beauty – not to be immodest but wait until you see! – Bermuda features turquoise waters, pink-tinged sandy beaches, lush vegetation and white-roofed pastel-painted houses.

    • We drive on the left, operate with 110 volts electricity and are proud of our politeness (never forget to greet someone with a cheerful “good morning” or “good afternoon”!).

    • Our economy is fueled by international business – Bermuda is an internationally significant insurance, reinsurance and captive insurance centre – and tourism.

    There’s so much more to tell, and if you’d like to read about it in preparation for your visit, helpful sites are:

    Your Bermuda hosts look forward to showing you around!

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