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  • It’s happening NOW! People across the planet are Rising for Climate.

    Posted on September 8, 2018

    Message received from our friends at the Rise for Climate Team!

    Today, right now, people across the planet are Rising for Climate.

    In 95 countries, at 850 events, we’re coming together to march, sing, and rally. To Rise together: for our climate, for justice, for a world free from fossil fuels.

    You and I, and thousands of others, are building this powerful, diverse movement. But to take on the fossil fuel industry, and change everything, we need everyone.

    So here’s the thing: big, global mobilisation moments like today are when our movement grows in power and numbers. And that starts with us inviting others to join us.

    Oliver, will you open the door to our movement, and share this invitation to join us with at least one person?

    Rise for Climate is about people power. It’s about people like you and me charting the way towards a better future for all. Where our governments are failing, we’re now stepping up.

    This summer’s devastating heatwaves are an urgent reminder: we must stop burning fossil fuels before it’s too late, and transition to a 100% renewable energy-powered economy which leaves no one behind. Each of us has a role to play.

    Today, some of us are hosting events big and small in towns across the globe, and many of us are attending. Some of us are spreading the word about the actions on social media. Whatever we do, today we’re all telling the story of this amazing global movement to others across the world. It’s a story of courage, power and hope.

    Here’s what I’m asking of you today: share a post on Facebook or Twitter, or email a friend. Help our story reach far and wide, and show others that the climate movement is strong, vibrant and prepared to fight for our future.

    By sharing our message with your networks on social media or via email, you can help us break through to those we couldn’t otherwise reach. You help open the door to people from all backgrounds, who each bring their own stories, and make our movement richer and stronger.

    Oliver, today I am so proud of our community, of its diversity, openness, strength and resilience, and of everything we do together. Thank you for being a part of it.

    With hope and solidarity,

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