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  • New Zero Carbon Britian Report launched today!

    Posted on September 12, 2018

    We received this information from our friends at the Zero Carbon Britain.

    This summer the climate crisis became horrifically real for people experiencing record weather extremes from the United States to Japan and Bangladesh. We have produced the largest survey yet of scenarios for switching to climate friendly energy, and the good news is that they show it is within our power to make the changes needed to meet carbon reduction targets and halt the worst of global climatic upheaval.

    Our new report shows that clean energy could now meet all our electricity needs, at all times of the day, and all year round. The report – Raising Ambition: Zero Carbon Scenarios from Across the Globe – draws on scenarios designed to meet the climate targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, developed at the global, regional, national and sub-national scales. Over 130 scenarios were assessed and mapped – the largest number yet in any comparable exercise, including 18 in-depth case studies. They draw on cutting-edge modelling work for net zero, deep decarbonisation, and up to 100% renewable energies. The geographical range is the broadest yet too, covering from Tanzania to Los Angeles, and South Asia to the Baltic.

    You can download a copy from

    You can see come of the coverage so far at

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