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  • Permaculture in the Historical Park at Izvoru, Southern Central Romania

    Posted on November 17, 2018

    Dates: 08/07/2019 – 14/07/2019

    This holiday offers the chance to discover the history and beauty of the Manor and the Park Perticari-Davila of Izvoru that consists of 100 hectares along the valley of the Teleorman river.  Over the past year, thanks to the restoration of agricultural activity, the local area has slowly been coming back to life.  We employ agricultural practices that are respectful of humans and nature and you will be part of a team helping to create a sustainable and autonomous small-scale agricultural operation inspired by the principles of permaculture.  The aim is that this will become a model for the many sites in the region that were destroyed during and after the Communist period.

    Meeting point:  We can advise on local transport links to Izvoru.

    Accommodation:  You  can choose from camping on site or stay in one common sleeping room with 4 beds.  Bedding is provided, please bring towels.

    Price:  120 € (£109*)

    *An approximate GBP £ price based on an exchange rate of 1.1022 on 24 Oct 2018

    This holiday is organised by the Pro Patrimonio Foundation – Romania’s National Trust.  The Foundation was set up in 2000 to save, preserve and restore the architectural and cultural heritage of Romania.  It provides support for the restoration and re-use of historic buildings and actively promotes the use of appropriate construction techniques and traditional craftsmanship.

    To book please email: stating your preferred holiday and contact details.  For more information about this organisation go to

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