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  • Safeguarding the Eastern Coastline of Taiwan

    Posted on February 17, 2014

    Safeguading eastern coastline of Taiwan — the good news and the bad

    Taiwan Environmental Information Association has been working on preserving our eastern coastline, the environment and the culture based on natural resources.

    TEIA_Miramar_Resort_and_Coral_ReefUnfortunately, many developers now see the beauty of this place as something to dominate and exploit. The Miramar Resort is illegally built on a beach and threatened the habitat to many animals such as land crabs and sea turtles. This beach is rare on the east coast which is characterized by a rugged, rocky geology, battered by typhoons and the winter monsoon.  TEIA_Miramar_Resort

    The seaside resort occupied the beach, it started construction without undergoing a compulsory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Environmental activists have filed lawsuits against the resort and local government that allowed the resort to begin construction in the first place.

    Let the unscrupulous developers learn that people worldwide are banding together to protect nature, you can also help by signing the pledge and spread the word!


    More than just campaigning against inappropriate developments, TEIA now rents a plot of farm from a mamu(Granny in Amis language, which is an aboriginal language of Taiwan) at Pisilian tribe, where we’ve been working with local people and volunteers from all over the country to preserve the environment for years. We learn from mamu about traditional ecological knowledge and practice organic agriculture. We have also convinced more landowners to stop using weed killers by providing them eco friendly weed control options. We will start hosting international volunteers in 2014 summer!

    Contact TEIA for more information: by email: or phone at +886-2-29332233 ext.228

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