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  • Help to Preserve the Confucius Temple in Xin Jiang, Shan Xi Province, China

    Posted on March 23, 2019

    Dates: 01/08/2019 – 15/08/2019

    The working holiday: Xin Jiang Ancient City was established in the Sui Dynasty and for more than one thousand years was the base of local government. Six years ago a major programme began to restore and conserve this National Monument Site, which consists of buildings and archaeological excavations. In 2019 the focus is on restoring the main hall of the Confucius Temple, built in the Yuan Dynasty. Join an international team to help to replace broken beams, repair the decoration of this traditional wooden structure and restore the stone basement. You will have the opportunity to learn basic carpentry and stone masonry skills from experts. Participants must have a good level of fitness and be in the age range 18-50 years.

    In your leisure time there will be the chance to explore Xin Jiang including its temple, gardens with a 1,000 year history and a renowned wall painting. You will also visit the nearby city of Ping Yao, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Xin Jiang is a train journey or internal flight from Beijing.

    Nearest transport hub: Xin Jiang is a train journey or internal flight from Beijing.

    Accommodation: In a local hostel, staying in small shared rooms of 2-4 people, approx 15 minutes walk from the work site.

    Price: 160 €

    These working holidays are organised in conjunction with Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation (RYHF), a non-governmental, not for profit organisation created in 2006 to support and promote urban heritage conservation in China. This is the ninth year that RYHF have organised working holidays which successfully bring together Chinese and international participants.

    To book please email: DingFeng from RYHF at stating your preferred holiday and contact details.
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