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  • An inspirational Trust moment.

    Posted on February 23, 2014

    Kilimanjaro Drew Grove, the Victorian National Trust’s commercial manager submitted this photo within the hour of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro in snow carrying the Trust’s flag and Trust brand literally to new heights.

    Drew joined the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) in 2012, and is responsible for the development, delivery and management of commercial strategies, business plans and project management of the National Trusts property portfolio. Drew comes from a Commercial Management background in the Tourism sector where he managed various Hotel, Resorts, Casino’s and Theme Parks throughout Australia. Drew has gained an in depth understanding of operations and operational management practices. He has been responsible for the Master planning of projects worth in excess of 15 million dollars and has experience managing projects from plans to construction, commissioning to operations. Drew has previously chaired and sat on numerous Tourism Boards and industry steering committees

    This story submitted by Martin Purslow, the CEO of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

    Since 1956 the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has been actively working towards conserving and protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy.

    The National Trust is not part of government. It is an independent non-profit organisation, supported by a large community base.

    It is the premier heritage and conservation organisation in the state and the major operator of historic properties and heritage sites open to the public including the award winning Old Melbourne Gaol, Polly Woodside tall ship and Rippon Lea estate.

    Since 1956, the National Trust has kept a register that now includes significant buildings, landscapes, trees, streetscapes, public art, pipe organs and cemeteries.

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