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  • We stand in solidarity with all those affected by the devastating fire at Notre-Dame

    Posted on April 16, 2019


    On Monday 15 April 2019, people around the world watched their screens in horror as fire took hold of the iconic 12th century cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris.

    We will all need time and space to comprehend what has happened and in the meantime, INTO continues to support its member organisations directly involved, and all those affected by the devastating blaze.

    Here are links to the websites of three of these bodies: Union REMPART, la Fondation du Patrimoine and Europa Nostra, with their website front pages below.

    As a global family of more than 70 National Trusts, we reach out in comradeship and solidarity to our French partners, other international agencies and all those who love our shared world heritage: We stand ready to assist, now or in the coming months as restoration plans for Notre-Dame take shape.  You are in our hearts and we will be guided by you.

    Created in 1966, REMPART is a union of 170 non-profit-making French organisations promoting heritage preservation. REMPART is set up to give member associations the opportunity to discuss issues and exchange experiences. They adhere to quality and training policies defined by Union REMPART, which represents and promotes them at regional, national and international levels.

    The Fondation du Patrimoine has the objective to safeguard and bring out the small, rural, non-protected architectural heritage in France. In practice the organisation is quite decentralised. Within the broad strategic lines they develop their own action plans in the field, select projects and mobilise potential partners. Their mission is to promote the safeguard of rural non-protected buildings of character and make people sensitive to the need to preserve their local heritage.

    Europa Nostra, as the leading heritage organisation in Europe, contributes to the formulation and implementation of European policies and strategies related to heritage, runs campaigns to save threatened heritage sites through the 7 Most Endangered programme, and celebrates excellence through the EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards.

    Image on INTO home page 139904 from Pixabay – Thank you!

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