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  • Arms Wide Open Report

    Posted on September 6, 2019

    Arms Wide Open Report: Case Studies on diversity from the 2019 International Conference of National Trusts

    At our conference in Bermuda in March 2019, we heard from delegates, including many INTO member organisations, about the work they are doing to increase diversity, inclusion and equality.

    We are delighted to share these with you in our new Arms Wide Open Report.   This online resource captures some of the best practice that was discussed at the Conference.  It brings together examples of work by National Trusts from across the spectrum of the movement.

    The case studies are arranged under headings: A diverse society (Ethnicity, Youth, LGBTQ+); Unseen Narratives (Urban heritage; Heritage of slavery) and A diverse workforce, reflecting the strands of the Conference.

    Italian example

    Delegates in Bermuda discussed, for example, techniques for inclusive interpretation, sharing how they have engaged with minority communities within their own societies.

    In Italy, the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) has piloted a programme that gives heritage in Italy meaning for those who were not born there. FAI Ponte tra culture, a bridge between cultures to culture, offers free courses on Italian art history to people born outside of Italy but who are living or working there, before inviting them to give tours of the heritage from their own perspective, targeted at both Italians and others of their own culture.

    As part of Ponte tra culture, recent migrants to Italy have interpreted FAI collections in their native language for both Italians and people from their own community. For example, volunteers with roots in Africa and Latin America have interpreted the Mexican and African collections at the Villa Panza in Arabic and Spanish. Pictured is a Chinese resident in Italy who has presented an East Asian collection to an Italian audience, situating it within her personal experience and understanding of China.  FAI highlights how the FAI Ponte tra culture programme brings together the rich diversity of modern Italian society, building a bridge to ensure that all those living in Italy can appreciate it.

    Be inspired …

    There is a selection of resources at the end of each section.

    We hope that the case studies can act to inspire further activity, as well as providing a framework for activity in other parts of the world and so we’ve linked them wherever possible to tangible resources that can provide inspiration, learning or be a practical template.

    INTO’s members are typically sector-leading in their national contexts; Arms Wide Open aims to share that best practice in an international arena.




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