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  • Scam Alert

    Posted on March 28, 2014

    Beware of a recent scam being operated on the internet.

    Ever since the conference in Entebbe I have been getting a lot of junk emails and it seems that someone has obtained the contact list for those who attended the conference. The scam that stands out most is the “International Conference Speaker” invitation. At first I only got about one a month, but more recently I am getting as many as 2 in one day. Conference subjects have included: AIDS, CHILDREN IN AFRICA, CLIMATE CHANGE, INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND GIRLS EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL CONSERVATION.

    BEWARE: These invitations are not to real conferences. The scam is to invite you to be a speaker at a imaginary conference, then of course you will be asked to register and pay fees.

    An example received read: “Call For Paper(s) // Climate Change Conference Invitation!!”

    Where they catch you:

    Proposal Submission Deadlines for 2014 Conference
    Proposals for Virtual Presentation(s) may be submitted at any time up to the start of the conference on 23 May, 2014. Accepted proposals must be accompanied by a paid registration in order to be scheduled. •Deadline for Abstract Submission: 11 April 2014 •Notification of Acceptance: 18 April 2014 •Deadline for Full Paper Submission & Early Registration: 25 April 2014 •Conference Dates: 23-27 May 2014

    As always the best approach is to DELETE such emails without responding in any way.

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