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  • Summer Officially Over

    Posted on September 4, 2014

    Made it back to the States safe and sound.  I landed in DC expecting to have a very American day at the baseball game, but instead it was raining harder than ever had in London, ironically.  While in DC, I spent the week with the other US/ICOMOS interns.  We shared our summer stories and completed our final PowerPoint projects and essays.

    We presented our summer projects to supporters of the program and heritage professionals from the area; which went very well even though I was very jet-lagged.  Everyone was very excited about the case studies, both the text and the picture version. It was a great conclusion to a wonderful summer.  INTO has been an amazing organization to work with, and I learned so much about working in heritage world.  It will definitely be difficult to readjust to the classroom for my final year of my masters program.


    I have included my Final PowerPoint for download if anyone is interested…Thank you for reading!!


    All of the interns at the final presentation and US/ICOMOS Director Don Jones

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