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  • I’m singing in the rain – Camino day 4

    Posted on September 19, 2014










    I’m struggling to remember what we did today as it is so coloured by the fact that it rained ALL DAY LONG ….  After an uneventful night in the Albergue de Bruma we had breakfast there with the rest of the pilgrims.   We then set off in the rain for Sigüeiro.    Our first stop was a little roadside cafe where I’m sure we saw the Dutch guy from ‘The Way’ film again … Great to get some coffee down our necks after drinking Coke at breakfast.

    Our next stop was a wonderful chance encounter.  Because it was raining, the back-up team (known as ‘the elves’) looked around for somewhere for us to eat our lunch under shelter and came across a magical old farm in Carballo.  We were invited into the ‘curing room’ where a few jamóns were being smoked above a fantastic warming fire, where we also steamed ourselves for a welcome while.  We had a short tour of the farm and then ate our lunch in the barn.  It really was one of the impromptu highlights of the whole trip!

    SAM_0645SAM_0648SAM_0658SAM_0671From here, we walked on to Sigüeiro where we found we were staying in the rather up market, brand new Sigüeiro Hostel.  After a short rest we met up with the team and went to visit the mayor in the Town Hall where we also had the chance to explore an interesting art exhibition.









    Dinner was local trout and other delicious delicacies all washed down with some fabulous Ribeiro wine and the legendary vivid yellow herb liqueur.

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