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  • TARA 2015 International Internship Opportunity

    Posted on January 7, 2015

    TARA, the Trust for African Rock Art, is an organisation based in Nairobi dedicated to preserving and raising awareness of the rich rock art heritage of Africa. It does this through survey and documentation, exhibitions, publications and working closely with communities to find value in this fragile heritage resource. TARA has documented rock art in 19 countries and currently has community projects in Kenya, Niger, Tanzania and Uganda. In 2013, the British Museum and TARA entered into a partnership whereby a copy of TARA’s digital archive (20,000 images) has been acquired and will be made freely accessible on the Museum’s website.
    TARA welcomes intern applications from university students and graduates in archaeology, art history, conservation/restoration, library science, museology and public administration. Internships can be undertaken individually or in association with a university or other study programme. Interships can be between six and twelve weeks.
    TARA takes into consideration the applicant’s studies, interests and career objectives. Current priorities are in documentation, digital archiving, outreach, social media, responsible tourism, community engagement and fundraising.
    TARA is unable to provide financial support for international travel but will assist in obtaining necessary documents to enter and temporarily reside in Kenya. TARA can look for (and sometimes provide) reasonable accommodation for interns and assist,
    where possible, with local transportation. Interns are responsible for their own medical insurance, which is compulsory. Interns are welcome and encouraged to join in TARA activities and it is possible that an intern may be invited to join a survey trip or in community project activities.
    Applications are considered on an ongoing basis.
    Contact TARA at:

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