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About INTO

INTO is the umbrella body for the global family of trusts that come together to share experience and resources; to grow the capacity of existing trusts and help develop new ones in countries where they do not currently exist; and to be a global voice for matters of common concern.

Our mission is to “promote the conservation and enhancement of the heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world and future generations”.

We achieve this by connecting organisations and people around the world (website, e-bulletins, International Conference of National Trusts, workshops), providing an expert network and knowledge bank, offering capacity building support through our Small Grants Programme, training, strategies for collective advocacy and a forum for advancing intercultural understanding and the development of civil society.

INTO Board, Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan

The National Trust family

But what defines a ‘national trust’?  Amongst the INTO membership the idea is quite a flexible one.   Some acquire properties while some concentrate more on campaigning; some are more interested in the natural environment and some in built heritage. Some have a mission for both.  Some work very closely with government while others are fervent critics of the state.

10 years after the foundation of INTO, we published a new manual, ‘From Start Up to Sustainability: An INTO Handbook for Heritage Trusts’ showcasing the work, philosophy and organisational structures of trusts all around the world.

Written by Dr June Taboroff (Cultural Resource Specialist) and Catherine Leonard (INTO Secretary-General), the Handbook demonstrates what is unique and special about the national trust approach, why they matter and what they can achieve in all parts of the world.

Use the ‘About INTO’ tabs to find out more or the links below.  You can read about the history of the National Trust movement in our What_is_INTO? document.


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