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INTO Conference (ICNT17) Bali September 2017

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September 11-15, 2017


“The safeguarding of historic urban and rural areas and of their associated traditional knowledge and practices reduces the environmental footprints of societies, promoting more ecologically sustainable patterns of production and consumption and sustainable urban and architectural design solutions. Access to essential environmental goods and services for the livelihood of communities should be secured through the stronger protection and more sustainable use of biological and cultural diversity, as well as by the safeguarding of relevant traditional knowledge and skills, paying particular attention to those of indigenous peoples, in synergy with other forms of scientific knowledge”.  (The Hangzhou Declaration, 2013).

“The long-term sustainability of cultural heritage depends on ensuring its use and on developing local support systems. Without heritage being valued and protected, it will become irrelevant and disappear” (Taboroff, June, 2013).

UNESCO has developed a set of indicators highlighting how culture contributes to development at the national level fostering economic growth, and helping individuals and communities to expand their life choices and adapt to change.

At the 2013 ICNT in Uganda, we began to think more about how INTO and its members can make a positive impact on national development and well-being. This discussion will continue in Indonesia and we will gather evidence from our members, to use in future advocacy work.


With the tagline “Our Cultural Heritage, the Key to Environmental Sustainability”, the 17th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT 17) 2017 expects to bring together 200 + delegates from across the world who will explore the connection between their cultural traditions and concerns for sustainable development. We need to share our experiences, both scientific and practical, on conservation towards a sustainable environment. The ICNT 2017 Bali will elaborate this into concrete and practical solutions, so that local residents can strengthen their culture and improve their quality of life while conserving their environment.

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss topics ranging from ways to strengthen culture in a dynamic development process; to managing and promoting it across the world, and to including culture and heritage in development policies and programs. Delegates will also examine the following specific issues:  the impact of economic development on cultural landscapes; the relationship between cultural rights and social development; issues of heritage preservation and poverty; disaster risk forecasting and management; and the impacts of climate change.


The ICNT 2017 will take place in Bali, an island in Indonesia with particularly strong cultural roots.. Religious rules and rituals are embedded in family life, social interactions of all types, arts, occupations, and practical skills. Its rich tradition is also expressed in the integration of culture and the environment.

The five-day conference will be held at Gianyar, one of nine regencies in Bali. The venues include The Republic of Indonesia Palace of Tampaksiring, the Royal Palace of Gianyar, Galleries and Art Space to the old traditional village of Samuan Tiga.


Balinese sacred dance

Balinese sacred dance


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