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Oliver’s Walk Page

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Why I am walking the walk:

While a Regional Director with the National Trust I walked the boundaries of the Northumbria region, a total of 285 miles in 13 days, and the coastline of the NW Region (Cumbria and Lancashire – Carlisle to Southport) to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Trust’s Enterprise Neptune Campaign, a total of 180 miles in 9 days
For many years I have wanted to walk one of the Pilgrims’ Ways to Santiago de Compostela and as I approach my 70th birthday I have decided to celebrate the occasion by doing so. There is however an ulterior motive! The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO), of which I am an honorary Director, needs financial support and greater exposure to the outside world. I have therefore decided to use the occasion as a means to raise funds for INTO and have suggested that other members of the INTO Secretariat and Executive Committee join in, including my two fellow septuagenarians, Bill Turner, Vice Chairman and Roger Wheelock, also a Director
We have been working closely with one of our newer members, Tesouros de Galicia who are putting together the detailed programme for the Walk starting from the port of Ferrol and known as the English Way. It is intended to invite the Mayors of each ‘parish’ that we walk through to meet us; also to plant around 2000 trees en route! This should ensure a good deal of publicity.

Why I support INTO:

After 32 years with the National Trust in England I retired in 2002 and for 6 years acted as an international heritage consultant to trusts around the world. When INTO was launched at the International Conference of National Trusts in 2007 I was invited to apply to become a Director, which I had no hesitation in doing, and was duly appointed in March 2008. With the experience gained from my time with the Trust I felt I had something to offer this new organisation.
I am passionate about the conservation of the heritage, both tangible and intangible. My only regret is that with limited funding I am not able to do more – hence the fundraising walk !

I need your support:

I am hoping to raise at least £2000 or €2400. You can either pay a lump sum or so much per kilometre walked (total distance 120 km). Please help me to reach my goal.
Perhaps the easiest for UK taxpayers is by visiting the INTO Virgin Money Giving page or by sending a cheque to us at 20 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0DH (please ask us for a gift aid form to increase the impact of your gift).
Donations can also be made securely online through PayPal.

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