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This page provides access to the documents and resources referenced during the 16th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT).  It is a knowledge base that allows members to seek information and find answers about best practices. The Toolkit will grow over time and become a valuable resource to members.

  • The Toolkit contains articles from our members and friends, useful examples of best practices, INTO documents, analysis of organisational options and a growing body of knowledge from around the world.
  • Information is placed in categories (by subject) and also ‘tagged’ with key words.
  • It is possible to search the Toolkit by Category (subject), by Key Words, by Title, and by words and phrases.
  • The 6 most recent articles are listed below.
  • Look at an alphabetic list of the content of the ToolKit.
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Six most recent articles added to the ICNT Toolkit:

  • Fit for the Future, A Network for Environmental Practitioners Fit for the Future has just launched its 2015 Progress Report.   An interesting and impressive read. The Fit for the Future Network’s mission is to ensure all organisations become more sustainable by sharing best practice and collaborating.  This year they have worked with: 988 environmental practitioners, 106 organisations; collectively saving 14,657 tonnes of CO2 in 2015! You can ...
  • A National Heritage Organisation for Kosovo The Development of a National Heritage Organisation for Kosovo, by Rachel Nordstrom (Supported by the Foundation, cultural Heritage without Borders) draws on examples from across the INTO network (UK, Italy, USA, Uganda). This report evolved from a series of recommendations made for Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) regarding the future development and strategic planning for their ...
  • Delving into British-Galician connections In 2013, INTO and Tesouros de Galicia collaborated on a programme of site visits and discussions about the history of thermal spas in Galicia.  The characteristics of the group were taken into account to plan an itinerary which included elements relating to the historic relationship between the British Isles and Galicia. For example, visits to ...
  • Manual on Conservation Methodology for Historic Buildings and Structures in the Caribbean This Field Manual on Conservation Methodology for Historic Buildings and Structures(Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) by Beatriz del Cueto (National Parks Service) is the result of fifteen years of research, hands-on experimentation and actual restoration/conservation projects in the Caribbean. It aims to assist professionals in the construction field who lack formal preservation training but deal with the ...
  • A journey through time – campaigning to preserve Kampala’s historical buildings and sites Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, has a relatively short but rich history. This town of approximately 3 million is the product of the ancient Buganda Kingdom as well as of 80 years of British colonialism. In the rush to “modernise”, the city’s built heritage is under immense threat. Currently, there is little appreciation of the ...
  • Nelson Island Experience: To safeguard the national heritage through protection, restoration, preservation and education Nelson Island is one of off Trinidad’s west coast in the Gulf of Paria, comprising of approximately 8 acres. Historically it was used as a landing and immigration depot, and quarantine facility for East Indian indentured immigrants during the period 1866 to 1917. The island still has one of the oldest buildings standing in Trinidad and ...

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