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  • Advocating climate action in Doha, Qatar

    Posted on November 23, 2017

    In 2012, INTO reaffirmed its call for recognition of the social and cultural factors associated with the implications of climate change that have been missing in the global debate. Our position is outlined in the ‘Victoria Declaration’, which has been widely disseminated, including at the UN Climate Change talks in Doha, Qatar, and often cited.

    On his return, Oliver Maurice, wrote “An exhausting 2 weeks at COP 18 resulted in many positive outcomes. Perhaps the most important was the advocacy achieved for the organisation. INTO’s participation also resulted in our being a joint signatory with 45 other organisations to an Open Letter to Ministers expressing concern at the lack of consideration for loss of cultures, ecosystems, indigenous knowledge and territory resulting from climate change. We also managed to recruit our first member from the Middle East!”

    The Victoria Declaration

    The Victoria Declaration (Arabic)

    The Victoria Declaration (Spanish)

    The Victoria Declaration (French)

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