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  • First INTO Amicus supporters

    Posted on November 1, 2017

    Amicus (Plural amici), from amō (‘I love’). Pronunciation: /a’mikus/. Definition: Friend …

    Across the sector, charities have been finding it tough to keep sufficient funds coming in to meet their objectives and here at INTO we too seem to have spent more time and energy making approaches to potential funders than we would have liked.

    INTO is thankful to the National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland for its continued support for the Secretariat and to our institutional funders like the American Express Foundation, Helen Hamlyn Trust, Getty Foundation, British Council, Asia-Europe Foundation and the Daniel K Thorne Foundation who have generously supported our work over the years.

    On the advice of our Finance Group, made up of INTO member representatives, we established our Amicus benefactor programme.   Much of INTO’s critical work – especially when assisting developing nations to establish new Trusts – needs to be funded with the help of people who share our vision for an international voice for heritage conservation.      We are grateful for all donations and the honorary title of INTO Amicus reflects the special contribution that individuals make to our work through regular donations.

    Our first Amicus member was veteran of the National Trust movement, the late Rodney Davidson AO OBE.  He gave generous gifts to INTO for the Central European Project and the National Trust of Slovakia’s Heritage Centre in Bratislava, as well as endowing the INTO Foundation.

    INTO Amicus members understand the importance of conserving and enhancing the cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world.  They recognise the unique role of local National Trusts in accomplishing this mission and wish to support their growth and development.   We like to keep them up to date with what is happening in the global family of National Trusts via INTO’s e-bulletin and other publications, and they realise that many INTO members operate on small budgets and are staffed by volunteers meaning that financial assistance is essential.

    We are deeply thankful to our INTO Amicus members for their generous support of capacity building projects helping communities around the world in their endeavours to protect, preserve and promote their built, natural and cultural heritage.

    You can read more about our Amicus programme here:

    2011 brochure

    2016 Amicus and the INTO Small Grants programme


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