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  • Georgia: The newest National Trust

    Posted on November 27, 2017

    One of INTO’s roles is to grow the capacity of existing Trusts but also to help establish Trusts in countries where they don’t currently exist.   Examples under growth in 2017 include meetings in London and consequently Oliver’s visit to Thailand to advise the group thinking of establishing a National Trust; the establishment of the latest National Trust, in Georgia – now complete with website, logo and first property; discussions with a group considering establishing a Trust in Taiwan (all pictured above).

    The newest National Trust has been established in Georgia.  Peter Nasmyth writes of INTO’s role:

    National Trust of Georgia: Logo, first property and HQ!

    “INTO have offered their guidance and experience in creating the Georgian Trust. A number of meetings and events have already taken place in the UK and Georgia, including participation at the international conference of INTO in Cambridge in 2015. Experience in other countries has shown that for a new Trust to work most efficiently it should appeal to people on all levels of society. It should be able to cooperate with, but not be a part of, any government, business or heritage NGO. Following this aim the new Trust is now taking shape with a Board of Directors, Charter and registration as a Not for Profit Foundation in Georgia. In June 2016 the Trust was offered a very suitable and unique 18th -19th century property in the Metekhi area of Tbilisi. The owner has agreed that it could act as the Trust’s headquarters on a permanent basis.”

    We congratulate the team and will continue to support their efforts as they move forward with this exciting project!

    Further information for organisations considering the establishment of a National Trust – or similar – can be found in the INTO Handbook.

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