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  • Institution building in Fiji, Jersey & Kosovo

    Posted on November 23, 2013

    INTO emphasises what is special about the National Trust approach and helps build the brand – nationally and internationally – through the development and promotion of best conservation practice at global level. In 2012, we advised Cultural Heritage without Borders in Kosovo on the development of a national heritage organisation.

    We participated in a study visit involving a team of Kosovar heritage professionals and INTO member organisations provided comparative studies.

    “The work of the International National Trusts Organisation has been inspiring and valuable throughout the drafting of this report. A chance meeting set in motion an exceptionally valued alliance. I am grateful to the INTO team for their encouragement, assistance, generous introductions, and fruitful efforts over the past months. I am happily looking forward to future collaborations.” Rachel Nordstrom, Cultural Heritage without Borders (Kosovo)

    INTO was invited to Shanghai as part of the British Council’s UK Now Festival, marking the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations.

    Wood block printing demonstration at No. 12 Mijia Xiang © Kuanghan Li/Global Heritage Fund China

    The aim of the Forum was to share experience in the field of cultural heritage, to show how historic towns are balancing tourism, economic growth and environmental issues, and to discuss best practice in heritage education and youth engagement across the world. INTO representatives also visited Pingyao at the invitation of the Ruan Yisan Heritage Foundation and had the opportunity to view the Global Heritage Fund’s pilot restoration project there, with its emphasis on local craftsmen and materials, which we featured in our case studies for the Asia-Europe Foundation.

    By providing opportunities to share experience and best practice, INTO enables heritage practitioners and the organisations they represent to gain valuable stimulus, ideas and refreshment from contact with people in other countries who are addressing the same issues. In 2012 we began new collaborations with National Trusts in Fiji and Jersey involving volunteer and staff placements, and built on past projects with Zimbabwe and the Czech Republic to increase capacity and offer wider perspectives.

    “With INTO’s help we found dream placements in the South Pacific. The work the National Trust of Fiji does to preserve the natural beauty of Fiji, protect endemic species and work with local communities along with the challenges that these pose was eye-opening and a real pleasure to be involved in.” Sean and Hannah McGough, INTO Volunteers

    Sean and Hannah McGough s in Fiji 2012

    “We very much look forward to INTO continuing to develop its capacity building and staff exchange programmes. To date we have been immensely grateful to INTO for acting as a facilitator when we need assistance from our partner organisations.” Charles Alluto, Director, National Trust for Jersey


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