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  • INTO Farms established

    Posted on November 27, 2017

    The members of the International National Trusts Organization (INTO) own and manage many farming properties across the globe helping to sustain the rural communities within which they are located. For instance NTEWNI is the largest farmer by land area in the UK.

    INTO encourages and supports the conservation and preservation of natural resources, heritage breeds and heirloom species, heritage farming structures, traditional rural landscapes, and the use of traditional farming and cultural practices.

    The new INTO Farms programme closely ties into the values and visions of the organization underpinned by a respect for cultural sustainability. It is used to deliver knowledge and transfer best practices for achieving sustainable agriculture amongst National Trust farms and the wider community.

    INTO Farms Manager, Anika Molesworth being interviewed at COP21 in Paris

    “Farmers today are under pressure to meet the demands of a rapidly growing global population whilst operating in increasingly challenging environmental conditions. It is more important than ever to ensure both food security and environmental sustainability not only for our generation, but generations to come. To achieve food security whilst safeguarding ecosystem stability, there must be a widely shared appreciation of agriculture as a multifunctional strategic land use that can provide: nutritious food, rural development and employment, environmental management, and the sustaining of cultural heritage of agrarian communities.” writes INTO Farms Manager, Anika Molesworth

    By exchanging knowledge through INTO Sustainable Farms, other National Trust farms and the wider community will learn about food and fibre production whilst concurrently supporting the conservation of natural and heritage resources.

    You can find out more on the INTO Farms website or read the original INTO Sustainable Farms proposal here.

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