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  • INTO launches new mentoring programme

    Posted on November 27, 2017

    A great photo of the younger selves of Oliver Maurice, Catherine Leonard and Ari Kubontubuh in 2002 – mentoring in action!

    There was a workshop at the 2005 International Conference of National Trusts which explored the idea: “Are there useful and feasible ways that the international network of National Trusts can facilitate effective mentoring or similar collaborations?”

    Well, INTO has been doing that on an ad-hoc basis for many years, with a major focus on exchanges.

    This year, we launched a more structured mentoring pilot, with five coaches and five people hoping to learn and grow professionally and personally across four continents.

    The focus is very much on virtual assistance thereby obviating the need to fund travel expenses.  Although we don’t discount our pairs getting together at some point as we believe that will be very valuable.

    The pairs have been matched by INTO volunteer, Julie Thompson who will review the programme next March.

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