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COP22 Updates



In 2016 INTO is sending a strong delegation led by Oliver Maurice and made up of volunteers and staff from our member trusts.

Oliver talking with Constance Okollet

Oliver talking with Constance Okollet in Paris 2015

See regular reports from Oliver and the team here:


  • Yvette Dzakpasu interview during Talanoa Dialogue at UNFCCC Yvette Dzakpasu shared our stand in Bonn during COP 23. This is an interview she did while in Bonn.
  • Climate Heritage Mobilization Website Launched! THE FOLLOWING IS A LETTER RECIEVED FROM OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT Climate Heritage Mobilization. Friends of the Climate Heritage Mobilization, We have launched the website for the Climate Heritage Mobilization and the Climate Heritage Network! The URL is: From this site you can register to attend the CH Mobilization, sign up for ...
  • Rising sea levels come at steeper cost. Rising sea levels come at steeper cost Rising sea levels bring the prospect of more violence and expense. Four new studies confirm the menace of the waves. By Tim Radford LONDON, 2 March, 2018 – Delay in slowing rising sea levels is dangerous. Each five-year delay in limiting global carbon emissions into the atmosphere now will increase sea ...
  • US/ICOMOS resolution on US involvement with World Heritage ICOMOS In response to the US’s announced withdrawal from UNESCO, and recent information that the Trump administration is radically reducing US engagement in World Heritage matters, including by the NPS & State Department, US/ICOMOS has produced a resolution urging the US to maintain full engagement in the World Heritage Convention: Resolution on the Engagement by the ...
  • The devil’s in the COP 23 detail (From the Climate News Network) For a probably final look at the UN climate conference in Bonn, a Canadian writer explains what the COP 23 detail means. By Mitchell Beer OTTAWA, 21 November, 2017 – A key takeaway from this year’s United Nations climate change conference (COP 23) is that, when it comes to putting a practical foundation under the high-minded pronouncements ...
  • Leaving on a high! The 8th blog from COP 23 How time flies when you are enjoying yourself though somehow the end came almost too suddenly and as I walked away from the Bonn Zone on Friday afternoon and left behind the memories of all the great people I had met during the previous 2 weeks, I felt a distinct tinge of sadness. Having said ...
  • UN Climate Talks: We really are all in the same canoe “We’re all in the same Canoe” With these words, the Prime Minister of Fiji opened proceedings at the UN climate change talks in Bonn last week. Hosting a COP (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is an expensive and complicated business, so while the Pacific Island of Fiji holds the ...
  • What a Reception! Blog 7 from COP 23 Leonardo DiCaprio, on being presented with the Best Actor Award at the 2016 Oscars, rather than thanking his family etc. said this: “Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders ...
  • People Power. The 6th Blog from Bonn It is amazing how the Bonn Centre, where all the exhibitions and pavilions are based, has filled up at the start of the second week. There has been talk of 25000 expected at the COP but it seemed relatively quiet during week one. All that has now changed and the queue at the German Pavilion ...

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COP22 Final Report

In this the final podcast of the COP22 series Bill Turner interviews Oliver Maurice (INTO team leader at COP22) about the process, the impressions and the results.

COP22 Update Nov 18th, the final day.

This podcast was recorded on the conference floor at COP22 in Marrakech. Our INTO Team Leader Oliver Maurice and INTO Director Geoff Read report on the days activity.

Update from Marrakech – November 17th

In the update from COP22 in Marrakech our INTO team reports on a very busy day. Lots happening and reasons to be optimistic.

COP22 Update for November 16th

Recorded today on the conference floor in Marrakech, our INTO COP22 Team reports on todays activities.

COP 22 Update for November 15th

In this podcast we hear from Oliver Maurice, INTO Team Leader, Chloe Hampson, The National Trust, and Geoff Read, INTO Director. This podcast was recorded on the floor at COP 22 in Marrakech.

Update from COP 22 – The first week is nearly over.

INTO team leader Oliver Maurice reports on the first week at Marrakech. Oliver also tells us about the discussions about sustainable tourism. It has been a very satisfactory, if exhausting week for the team. Next week is the ‘big’ week and fortunately reinforcements are coming to join him.

COP22 Update number 3

In this podcast Oliver Maurice reports on the first two days of COP22. We also hear from Simone Mizzi of the National Trust of Malta about the impacts of climate change on the heritage assets of the island of Malta.

Update from Marrakech

Oliver Maurice reports on his arrival at Marrakech and preparations for COP22.

Preparing for COP 22 in Marrakech

COP 22 is just a week away (November  7 – 18th). We interview Oliver Maurice, INTO Director who is heading the international delegation to Marrakech on behalf of INTO. This will be the 6th COP meeting that Oliver has attended on our behalf, carrying the Dublin Declaration and the Victoria Declaration to the world audience. […]

Here is a link to the full text of Secretary Kerry’s speech at COP22:

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