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  • A Teacher’s Guide to Marine Environmental Education in Saint Lucia

    Posted on September 15, 2015

    This Guide to Marine Environmental Education, edited by Bishnu Tulsie, Director of the Saint Lucia National Trust, is aimed at providing some direction to teachers in communicating the importance of marine resources management in the classroom. The Guide is designed to offer flexibility in lesson planning, and highlights a number of resources available to enhance lessons and learning.

    A Teacher’s Guide to Marine Environmental Education in Saint Lucia

    As a small island developing state, the coastal resources of Saint Lucia serve many diverse interests, supporting environmental, economic, social and cultural development, and aesthetic functions. It is therefore necessary to protect and conserve the natural resource base within the coastal zone, to  ensure that the benefits being derived are  maintained. Increasingly, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are proving to be successful tools for the protection of natural resources, while providing numerous opportunities for the people who depend on the exploitation of these resources, to benefit through the provision of sustainable livelihoods.

    In order to effect change in the mindset of Saint Lucians on the significance of marine protected areas and coastal resources in general, it is important to target the education sector. This will ensure the sustainability of the message by educating the youth, who may respond with a positive change in attitude towards marine resources. With more knowledge, these stakeholders may become motivated to support policies and make more informed decisions.

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