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  • Busy doing well

    Posted on August 15, 2017

    Whether you love to buzz or dread the stress, every National Trust place will have its own pattern of busy periods.

    This guide compiles learning from around the Trust (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to help us take these peaks in our stride.

    1 – Understand the problem What gets in the way of a great visitor experience on your busiest days? Go through your comments and grumbles – what’s really bothering your visitors?
    2 – Create your challenge map Using a map of your site, mark the difficulties you’ve identified. If you work as a team, you’ll get everyone’s support from the start.
    3 – Prioritise your challenges List the challenges in order of priority according to visitor feedback and your own instincts. Where do the greatest problems lie (for visitors and the team)?
    4 – Create your action plan Working from the top of the list, come up with short- and longterm actions. Challenge yourself to be creative, bring in consultancy support if needed.
    5 – Make it happen It might help to think of your ‘busy well’ plans as a project, with a project manager, timeline, budget if required, and a group of property and consultancy staff to support it.
    6 – Use the resources on hand The links in this document will direct you to tips, examples and people who can help you. Remember: focus on doing one thing well to get great results.
    7 – Evaluate the experience Don’t forget to evaluate how things are working. Let everyone know the results and how much their hard work is appreciated: great job everybody!

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