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  • 信托青年中心,日本

    Posted on November 15, 2015 by in , , , , ,

    The Trust Youth Centre is a programme of the Amenity 2000 Association in Japan, started in 2013. In Japan, there has yet to be a popular ‘heritage movement’ like that in the UK. Voluntary participation in National Trust activities and the importance of protecting historical buildings has yet to gain wide public awareness. At Amenity 2000 […]

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  • 历史教育包(圣赫勒拿岛国民托管组织)

    Posted on November 11, 2015 by in ,

    The St Helena National Trust is pleased to introduce you to a set of 16 Education Packs designed to support Teachers and Students of Middle Schools, Years 4,5 & 6, in their study of St Helenaʼs Local History. The packs are sourced from a variety of books, news articles, photographs, old prints, and other archival material. The Trust is grateful to […]

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  • 圣卢西亚海洋环境教育教师手册

    Posted on October 26, 2015 by in , ,

    这本由 圣卢西亚国家文化遗产信托机构(Saint Lucia National Trust)负责人比什奴·图尔西(Bishnu Tulsie)编撰的《海洋环境教育手册》帮助教师在课堂上讲授海洋资源保护的重要性。手册保证了课程安排的灵活性,同时也提供了大量教学资料。 圣卢西亚海洋环境教育教师手册 圣卢西亚作为发展中的岛国,其海岸线具有多重意义,不仅有助于环境、经济、社会和文化的发展,也是重要的景观资源。因此,保护海岸线的自然资源、维持其对国家和人民的利益对圣卢西亚至关重要。人们逐渐认识到建立海洋保护区(MPAs)对保护自然资源的卓越成效,这些措施为依赖海洋自然资源开发的人们提供了更多机会及长远发展的前景。 为了使圣卢西亚人民更加重视海洋保护区和海岸线资源,必须重视教育。持续不断地向年轻一代传递上述信息,确保他们认识到海洋资源保护的重要性。通过学习相关知识,这些直接受益的民众可以更积极地支持相关政策并参与决策。

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  • 埃尔卡米诺Ingles公司(英式)

    Posted on November 5, 2015 by in , , , , , , , , , ,

    Tesouros de Galicia intended to promote the renewal of the English Way hand in hand with the International National Trusts Organisation and the Provincial Council of  A Coruña. To achieve this aim different Spanish and British groups got involved in order to spread the contents and values of the Way. During four months, a team […]

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  • 天然山谷自然谷,台湾

    Posted on November 14, 2015 by in , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    TEIA, the Taiwan Environmental Information Association, is currently lobbying for a Trust Act which will let conservation NGOs to easier acquire environmental charitable trust properties. We also hope that by making Nature Valley a successful case, more people will support environmental trust and hopefully there will be a second or third environmental trust site in […]

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  • 百慕大群岛考古工作简介

    Posted on October 27, 2015 by in , , ,

    通过 百慕大群岛文化遗产信托机构的AXIS教育项目了解百慕大群岛考古工作—百慕大群岛考古学教师资源指南 百慕大群岛考古工作简介 百慕大群岛文化遗产信托机构的教师资源关注文化信托机构维护的自然保护区和历史古宅,为前来参观的访客、教师和学生提供全面详尽的资料和富有创意的学习体验。我们提供在课堂上无法复制的直接体验,并分别提供面向低、中、高年级学生的导览,导览可以通过工作人员预约。我们希望学生们从小学1、2年级起就可以参观受到文化遗产信托机构管理的产业,并在此后的学习中反复参观体验。反复的参观体验有助于学生们巩固现有知识并更深入的理解各种相关知识。我们鼓励高年级的学生学习了解自然保护区和历史古宅保护,同时他们也有机会参与我们的AIM项目,利用课余时间做维护文化遗产的志愿者工作,这些工作时间还可计入他们必修的社区劳动时间中。

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