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  • El Camino Inglés (English Way)

    Posted on October 13, 2015


    Tesouros de Galicia intended to promote the renewal of the English Way hand in hand with the International National Trusts Organisation and the Provincial Council of  A Coruña. To achieve this aim different Spanish and British groups got involved in order to spread the contents and values of the Way.

    During four months, a team formed by multidiscipline professionals worked in this project. They studied the route: its history, its heritage and its environment.

    Their duties involved heritage cataloguing, environmental research, meetings with locals and experts…
    The project findings turned into concrete proposals:

    • Proposal for improvements in risk sections
    • Signage improvement proposal
    • Proposal of measures on the natural heritage
    • Proposal for the involvement of people and local institutions, and a study to improve the accessibility

    In the last part of the program a pilgrimage along the English Way was organized. Volunteers from the Executive Committee of the International National Trusts Organisation were invited. The trip agenda and content of activities included meetings with municipal representatives of the 18 municipalities crossed by the medieval route.

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