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  • Playing our Part: The National Trust (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) Strategy to 2025

    Posted on September 14, 2015

    Thinking about what the nation needs from the National Trust in 21st century.

    Looking after the places in our care now and in the future is our first responsibility. But our strategy is also about how we rise to the big challenges of the 21st century and how we work with others to find solutions. After all, the health of the countryside, protection of heritage and the wellbeing of people living in towns and cities is where the National Trust started.

    We will:

    • play our part in restoring a healthy, beautiful, natural environment

    – develop and share new economic models for land use
    – work with our tenants to improve all land to a good condition
    – work with others to conserve and renew the nation’s most important landscapes
    – champion the importance of nature in our lives today

    • offer experiences that move, teach and inspire

    – raise the standard of presentation and interpretation at all the places we look after
    – make our outdoors experience better for all ages and needs
    – innovate the experience people have at the places we look after
    – explore and reveal our cultural heritage through events and exhibitions

    • help look after the places where people live

    – find new solutions for managing local green space
    – celebrate local heritage and equip communities to care for it
    – engage in shaping good housing and infrastructure development

    None of this is possible without the support of staff, volunteers, members, donors and visitors.

    Over the next ten years, we’ll do more to help members enjoy their membership more; help staff feel more confident and build expertise; ensure volunteers feel that their skills are recognised and opportunities to do more exist.

    Playing our Part: What does the nation need from the National Trust in the 21st century?

    Two page summary of strategy to 2025

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