Indonesia Calling

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In just over two months the National Trusts of the world will gather in Bali for ICNT 17.  The time is short and the excitement grows.   Today we are sending out the detailed conference program and poster for an exciting London event coming up in July to help you get in the mood.

Take a moment, read the program and register now.

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Sunday, 10th September 2017

ICNT 2017 Participants Registration and Check-in

09.30-12.00: INTO Executive Committee Meeting at Wana Ubud Resort Hotel

12.00-13.00: Lunch

13.00-15.00: INTO Executive Committee Meeting at Wana Ubud Resort Hotel

15.00-17.00: Nyuh Kuning Village heritage walk

 Monday, 11th September 2017

 1). Opening Conference

Location : Masceti Beach

08.00    Coaches leave hotel for Masceti Beach

08.30 onwards  Registration

09.00    Welcoming Dance and Flags Parade concluding with National Anthem and Multi-faith prayers

09.50    Welcoming Speeches (Catrini Kubontubuh, Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Fiona Reynolds)

10.20    Regent of Gianyar: Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata

10.30    Official opening of Conference               

10.45    Refreshment break with traditional dance by local children

11.10    Keynote Address: Denis Ricard, SecGen of Organization of World Heritage Cities

11.25    Keynote Address: Indonesian Minister of Environment & Forestry/Culture & Education 

11.50    Youth Voice for Saving Our Natural and Cultural Heritage

12.00    Lunch and Group Photo

13.00    Presentation of Gianyar Heritage City

13.30    INTO Congress (to include Justin Albert, June Taboroff, and Bishnu Tulsie)

             Traditional Dance & Art Performance for those not attending the Congress

15.30     Flying Traditional Balinese Kites and Releasing Baby Turtles (Tukik) into the sea

16.30    Return to Hotel

2). Welcoming Dinner

Location : Panchoran House, Desa Nyuh Kuning – Ubud

18.30    Series of Welcoming Dances

 19.00    Greeting from Host : Hashim Djojohadikusumo

 19.10    Dinner

 20.00    Speeches (Governor of Bali and General Director of Culture, Education & Culture Ministry

 20.15    Interactive Dances (Joged Bumbung, Jaipong, dll) and spontaneous interaction

 21.00    Depart for hotel

Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Traditional Knowledge and Local Wisdom for a Sustainable Environment

Location : Taman Nusa

 08.00    Coaches leave Hotel for Taman Nusa

 08.30 onwards    Registration

 08.45    Briefing for the Day

 09.00    Panel Presentations (preceded by Traditional Music)

             Speakers: Franklin Vagnone, Prof. Laurajane Smith, Claire Chaw Kalyar.

 10.30    Q&A

11.00    Exploring Miniature of Indonesia (traditional houses & art performance)

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Parallel Workshops/ Presentations (to be chosen by delegates in advance):

Each workshop will begin with a short introduction to one of the following examples of Indonesian intangible heritage: Batik painting; Making a Balinese Temple offering (Canang & Gebogan); Umbrella painting; Wayang (puppet) Making; Playing Sampek traditional music.   The afternoon will culminate in a traditional dance show.

Group A  Workshop on  Developing models for the management of heritage places

Group B    Workshop on Funding Our Future - Fundraising for heritage conservation

Group C    Workshop on Developing business plans for heritage organisations

Group D    Workshop on Intangible Heritage – The heart and soul of heritage interpretation

Group E     Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Traditional Knowledge and Local Wisdom for a Sustainable Environment’

16.40    Depart to Alun-Alun (Grand Square) “Astina”

17.30    Traditional welcome by the Balai Budaya (Art Centre) Gianyar

18.00    Opening of the ‘Folk Market’ by the Mayor of Gianyar, in Astina Square

Delegates are invited to explore the folk and culinary market.

21.00    Return to hotel

 Wednesday, 13th  September 2017

Creative and Environmentally Friendly Economy

Location :  Bali Safari Park 

08.00    Leave Hotel in coaches

08.30 onwards  Registration

08.45    Briefing for the Day

09.00    Exploring Indonesian Wildlife

10.00    Coffee Break

10.30    Parallel Workshops and Presentations (to be chosen by delegates in advance) followed by Q&A

 Group A    Workshop on Advocacy - What do members expect and need from INTO

Group B   Workshop on Volunteers - Developing national standards for their recruitment and rewards

Group C    Workshop - Too Old and Too Boring – How to get young people involved in the heritage movement

Group D    Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Creative and Environmentally Friendly   Economy’

12.30    Lunch

13.30    AMEX Panel moderated by Fiona Reynolds and followed by Q&A

 15.00    Performance of Indonesian Traditional Opera “Bali Agung”

 17.00    Return to Hotel

 19.00    Welcoming delegates to Puri Gianyar Royal Palace

 19.30    Dinner in Puri Gianyar Royal Palace

 Thursday, 14th of September 2017

Sustainable Development

Location : Gianyar Botanical Park

 08.30    Optional Heritage Walk around the Nyuh Kuning Village

 09.30    Parallel Workshops and Presentations at Hotel

 Group A    Workshop on Climate Change – What should INTO be saying at COP 23?

We need examples of how to adapt and mitigate from within the membership and the challenges our members and others are facing

Group B    Individual Presentations on the theme ‘Towards Environmental Sustainability – People and Environment in Harmony’

11.30    Small Grants Programme (optional)

             A short seminar led by Geoff Read

12.00    Depart for Gianyar Botanical Park 

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Tree Planting by ICNT 2017 participants

15.00    Regional Meetings of Asia, Australia, Europe, America and Africa

To include discussion on the Declaration of Gianyar

16.30    Back to the Hotel

 18.30    Free Evening

 21.00    Informal interviews and discussion with guests and moderator (Optional)

             Oliver Maurice will ‘interview’ some well-known characters within the organisation!

              Parallel:  Indonesian Heritage Meeting for BPPI and Indonesian partners

 Friday, 15 September 2017

Closing Conference

Location : Samuan Tiga Village Hall

09.00 onwards Registration

09.30    Opening of Plenary with Traditional Dance and ICNT participants testimonial

10.00    Summaries from Catrini Kubontubuh; Fiona Reynolds (including announcement of SGP  winner); Regent of Gianyar, Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata

10.30    Gianyar Declaration

11.00    Hand Over from ICNT 2017 to Host Region of ICNT 2019

11.30    Closing Speech

12.00    Lunch

13.00    Conference ends

 Saturday, 16th of September 2017

Post Conference Heritage Tours   (US$20.00 per person)



- Subak Gianyar Tour

- Sanur Beach Tour

- Old City Denpasar Tour

- Karangasem Spiritual Tour