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Member Organisation Name Member Country Member Type Website Mission Statement or overview
Committee of the Defence of the Bickenbach Country House Bolivia Associate Member  
Queen’s Forest Park Thailand Associate Member  
National Centre for Heritage Trusteeship Russia Associate Member  

The main purpose is historical heritage trusteeship in Russia and conservation projects in Central Russia.

Sumatra Heritage Trust Indonesia Full Member

Their aims are to give vision and knowledge to people about conservation of natural heritage and historical property. They are working to save and conserve heritage property especially in Medan, North Sumatera Province.

LEGACY (The Historical Environmental and Cultural Interest Society of Nigeria). Nigeria Full Member

Legacy is the Historical and Environmental Interest Group of Nigeria, which was officially established in 1995. It is a registered nonprofit for people, who are interested in the common cause of promoting and preserving the character and appearance of Historic Monuments and the Environment and Cultural Entities in all parts of Nigeria, through which the history and culture of Nigeria can be promoted. Our aim is to protect and conserve historic buildings and monuments in Nigeria and provide a rec

Pro Patrimonio Foundation Romania Candidate Member

Pro Patrimonio Foundation is a non-profit non-governmental organisation. The foundation dates from the year 2000 and has a series of on-going projects whose main mission is the conservation, rescue and reactivation of cultural heritage, especially in architecture. The actions focus on tangible projects meant to protect and rehabilitate heritage and on raising awareness in communities regarding their own identity, memory and inherited cultural values.

TARA Trust for African Rock Art Kenya Full Member

TARA is an international, Nairobi-based organisation committed to recording the rich rock art heritage of the African continent, to making this information widely accessible and, to the extent possible, safeguarding those sites most threatened by humans and nature. To achieve its mission, TARA works closely with communities where rock art is found as well as with national and international heritage bodies including the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland Ireland Full Member

An Taisce is a charity that works to preserve and protect Ireland's natural and built heritage. It is an independent charitable voice for the environment and for heritage issues. Their Advocacy Unit is dedicated to promoting the conservation of Ireland's nature and biodiversity as well as its built heritage. They own a range of heritage properties in trust, including historic buildings and nature reserves. Their Environmental Education Unit is responsible for developing and operating some of Ireland's most popular and successful environmental programmes and campaigns.

Anguilla National Trust Anguilla Full Member

The Anguilla National Trust (ANT) was founded in 1989 with the mandate to sustain the island’s natural and cultural heritage through active management and education for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s generations.

The ANT has remained true to that mandate and, since its formation, we have been instrumental in the creation of Anguilla’s national parks, conservation areas, and heritage sites and continue to be involved in their day-to-day management.

Barbados National Trust Barbados Full Member

The objectives of the Trust include the listing of buildings, monuments and sites of historic, architectural and archaeological interest and the places of natural beauty with their animal, plant or marine life. A priority is making the public aware of the value and beauty of the island’s past. They are in turn focused on the acquisition of property for the benefit of the people of Barbados.

Bodenfreiheit - Verein zur Erhaltung von Freiraeumen Austria Full Member

The open spaces in Vorarlberg are disappearing; they are becoming smaller and less accessible. Public and common places are increasingly being pushed back and replaced by commercial and private developments. The association wants to make a change and send a clear signal for a different handling of the land, initiating a broad based discussion about the future development of these open areas.

Indonesian Heritage Trust Indonesia Full Member

The Trust seeks to safeguard the sustainability of the Indonesian heritage.Its mission is to prepare inputs for policy, strategy, program, guidelines, and mechanisms for the heritage conservation in the country, assist capacity building and conservation movement, through technical assistance, education and training, workshops, seminars, database and web-site, publication, and promotion.

Din l’Art Helwa, National Trust of Malta Malta Full Member

Din l-Art Ħelwa, the National Trust of Malta, is a voluntary organisation founded in 1965 to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta. Since its foundation, it has restored and managed numerous cultural sites of immense historic and environmental importance. They promote the preservation and protection of historic buildings and monuments, the character of our towns and villages, and places of natural beauty and importance and the flora and fauna of such places, especially in relation to the problems arising from modern urban development.

FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano (The National Trust for Italy) Italy Full Member

FAI is a non-profit organisation founded in 1975. It has restored and opened to the public historical buildings, castles, gardens and natural areas thanks to the contributions of the thousands of visitors, private supporters and companies. The Foundation also organises national events throughout Italy and opens hundreds of historical, cultural and natural sites free to the public. This is because the FAI’s mission is to educate and create awareness among the public of the beauty and value of Italy’s vast cultural, historical and natural heritage.


The Fundación Enrique Montoliu de la Comunitat Valenciana - FUNDEM, is a private non-profit organisation whose foundational aims are the study, research, conservation, recovery and management of the natural and cultural heritage of Mediterranean ecosystems.
The main objective of FUNDEM is to conserve our natural environment in a sustainable manner, as well as to raise awareness and involve civil society and, above all, future generations in the conservation of the natural heritage, thus ensuri

Gibraltar Heritage Trust Gibralter Full Member

The Gibraltar Heritage Trust is a not-for-profit NGO which was established in law by the Gibraltar Heritage Trust Act 1989, now the Heritage and Antiquities Act 2018. The Trust is entrusted with the preservation, promotion and education on all aspects of Gibraltar’s heritage. It is governed by a Board of 12 Trustees (7 elected from the membership and 5 appointed by Government) all of whom are volunteers.

Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga New Zealand Associate Member

Heritage New Zealand is a leading national historic heritage agency. It operates in an environment marked by a growing interest in heritage, recognition of its social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to the country, and awareness of its importance to national identity. Its mission is to identify, protect and promote heritage. It has a portfolio of 43 historic properties cared for around the country.
Tairangahia a tua whakarere; tatakihia ngā reanga ō āmuri ake nei – Honouring the past; inspiring the future.

Heritage Watch Association Ethiopia Associate Member

The watch in our name represents an ‘active advocacy, bridging the sectors, making conservation a lucrative business idea that could attract construction companies, hotel and restaurant industry, interprenueals, as well as developing the creative industries. We wish to be a resource center for all these activities. We aim to broaden the interest in Heritage to include the general public one community at a time. And by targeting young emerging professionals which we have already engaged architect

Kulturerbe Bayern Germany Full Member

Kulturerbe Bayern takes endangered cultural assets under its wing and devolops appropriate concepts for the re-use of monuments. Following the example of the British National Trust, Kulturerbe Bayern restores properties with the competent and enthusiastic help of local volunteers, donors and benefactors as well as of experienced regional architects, engineers, craftsmen and partners.

Manx National Heritage Isle of Man Associate Member

Manx National Heritage look after some of the Isle of Man’s most special places, spaces and collections, including historic buildings, landscapes, archives and the Island’s national museum collections, including art, social history, archaeology, natural history, making these available to a worldwide audience. They also advise on developments and changes in our historic environment and natural landscape, helping ensure the Isle of Man remains a special place for people, heritage and nature for generations to come.

Montserrat National Trust Montserrat Full Member

The Montserrat National Trust, established by statute in 1970, has been at the forefront of preserving and conserving the cultural, historic and archaeological heritage of the Island.

The National Trust for Jersey Jersey Full Member

The National Trust Jersey seeks to champion and protect the distinctive qualities of Jersey so that it remains at the very heart of Island life. They do this through vigilance, sustainable management and by promoting and increasing awareness of the value of our countryside and historic environment to our economy.

The National Trust of Korea South Korea Full Member

The Korea National Trust movement is endeavouring to restore traditional values and secure natural and cultural heritage that should be handed down for future generations. In the 1990s, the Greenbelt conservation movement led to the launch of the National Trust in Korea in 2000. Since its launch, the National Trust Act was enacted to ensure the preservation of citizens' heritage for future generations and institutional support. As a result the National Trust Movement is now in full swing in the Korean society.

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Full Member

The National Trust is a not-for-profit NGO created to preserve the history and biodiversity of the Cayman Islands. Through education and conservation we work to protect environmentally sensitive and historically significant sites across all three Cayman Islands.

The National Trust of Georgia Georgia Candidate Member

Georgia possesses a large number of historic sites worthy of saving and promoting. The National Trust of Georgia provides an independent national organisation that enables individuals to express their concerns and affection for the nation’s heritage alongside a practical means of helping to preserve buildings and land. Its knowledge base and experience will help show private owners methods of preserving their properties, in turn helping to express their pride for their nation.

National Trust of Slovakia Slovakia Full Member

The organisation was established in March 1996 by six enthusiastic people as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Its mission is to support the permanent protection and sensible use of the historic environment, heritage sites, objects of great values and places of natural beauty for the benefit of Slovakia and its people. The logo of NTS is a flower within a wooden window frame that symbolises living environment. A view from the window is at the same time a symbol of its vision; it is a permanent source of our inspiration.

The National Trust for Cultural Heritage South Korea Associate Member

The purpose of the Trust is to enhance the quality of life by acquiring, preserving, managing and utilising cultural heritage. Its main activities are the permanent conservation and management of cultural heritage through voluntary participation by the private sector.

Para la Naturaleza Puerto Rico Associate Member

Para la Naturaleza seeks to protect lands of high ecological value, bringing together those who want a sustainable future for Puerto Rico. They look to make transformative experiences in nature happen, protecting lands of high ecological value, encouraging people to take responsibility for our natural resources while pushing forward public policy for their protection.

Petra National Trust Jordan Full Member

Petra National Trust is Jordan’s national institution for the protection and preservation of national cultural heritage – with a focus on the World Heritage Site of Petra. It aims to instil a sense of identity and pride in Jordan’s cultural and natural heritage.

By partnering with national bodies, local communities, and international institutions, PNT implements projects and programs to safeguard and maintain site significance and integrity for Jordan and the world.

National Trust for Historic Preservation United States Full Member

The National Trust for Historic Preservation celebrates America’s diverse history. It protects significant places representing its diverse cultural experience by taking direct action and inspiring broad public support. They seek to inspire Americans to save the places where history happened. As the leading voice for preservation, they are the cause for people saving places. How do they we do it? By fostering a deep sense of community, commitment, and passion for saving places.

Stichting Rancho Aruba Associate Member

Stichting Rancho (Rancho Foundation) is an NGO who main objectives are to preserve and protect the history and culture of the neighborhood Rancho.
We do promotion on the conservation and enhancement of our neighborhood and Aruban Heritage.
Rancho is the oldest neighborhood of the City of Oranjestad in Aruba Dutch Kingdom. This 20 of April 2020 we are celebrating our 10 years of anniversary.
Look at our website and you will have an idea of diversification and multicultural aspect of our activ

The Trustees of Reservations United States Full Member

With our neighbours, the Trustees protect the distinct character of the communities in New England and inspire a commitment to its special places. Their passion is to share with everyone the irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures they care for. They enjoy more than 100 special places – nearly 25,000 acres – all around Massachusetts. They in turn are actively building an extended family of friends and neighbours across the state that can help them meet their ambitions in different ways.

Yangon Heritage Trust Burma Candidate Member

Yangon Heritage Trust is an independent centre of excellence working to promote and integrate Yangon’s unique urban heritage into a 21st century vision of Yangon as one of Asia’s most liveable cities. The Trust advocates for heritage protection, develops clear and sustainable policy options, engages with government, business and civil society, communicates its ideas to the widest possible audience, undertakes specific conservation projects, and facilitates research and training.

Badan Warisan Malaysia (Heritage of Malaysia Trust) Malaysia Full Member

The Heritage of Malaysia Trust is the leading national heritage NGO, providing conservation services spanning nearly 30 years. Its role is to raise awareness of heritage issues and be an advocate for a conservation-friendly environment in Malaysia. They cooperate with community groups, institutions, the private sector and all levels of Government to promote the conservation and preservation of our historic buildings and places. They play a pivotal role in advocacy through a range of activities including heritage education, initiate research and documentation of our assets.

Gullah/Geechee National Trust for Cultural Heritage Continuation & Historic Preservation United States Candidate Member

As we are the authentic original Gullah/Geechee Nation with direct linkage to our ancestral legacy, we stand as custodians of Gullah/Geechee culture and protectors of our human rights. Henceforth, being the ONLY and TRUE keepers of the Gullah/ Geechee cultural legacy, upon us falls the responsibility to promote in an accurate and positive manner all aspects of Gullah/ Geechee culture by emanating knowledge and healing souls. This process is guided through the release of the full story of the for

National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Associate Member

The National Parks Trust of the Virgins Islands exists to preserve and manage designated natural and cultural areas of the islands in order to improve the quality of life. The Trust’s work also includes Species Restoration, Marine Conservation, Reforestation, Biodiversity Research & Conservation, Environmental Education and Historical Preservation.

St. Eustatius Monuments Foundation Caribbean Netherlands Full Member

The St. Eustatius Monuments Foundation was founded in 1990 for the protection, renovation and reconstruction of the cultural goods on the island of St. Eustatius. The St. Eustatius Monuments Foundation is governed by a board of five members who are volunteers and not remunerated.
The Foundation employs a Monuments Director who is in charge of the day-to-day running of St. Eustatius' Monuments Office. The Foundation currently has five historical buildings which it manages and rents out.

Fondation du Patrimoine France Associate Member

The Fondation du Patrimoine has the objective to safeguard and bring out the small, rural, non-protected architectural heritage in France. In practice the organisation is quite decentralised. Within the broad strategic lines they develop their own action plans in the field, select projects and mobilise potential partners. Their mission is to promote the safeguard of rural non-protected buildings of character and make people sensitive to the need to preserve their local heritage

GLK Gelderland Trust for Historic Houses and Natural Landscape Netherlands Full Member

More than 100 natural areas, castles, and rural estates in the province of Gelderland have been entrusted to the care of the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen Foundation. The organisation manages this heritage so that it is available for all to enjoy. It believes that nature and culture are interlinked and so they manage the landscape and its biodiversity, seeking to reunite the country houses and their surroundings as far as is possible. As a result of this integrated way of managing their houses, gardens, landscapes, and nature, the environment becomes a little more beautiful.

Haiti National Trust Haiti Candidate Member

Haiti National Trust (HNT) works to protect the environment and biodiversity of Haiti for future generations through land purchase and management. We believe that biological diversity must be saved because of its intrinsic value and importance for humanity. Healthy forests secure soil for crops, stabilize drinking water, and keep coastal communities and reefs alive and thriving. We engage local communities to help us maintain, protect, and expand the critical ecosystems of Haiti. We are a non-pr

Mehrangarh Museum Trust India Full Member

Mehrangarh Museum Trust is India's leading cultural institution and a centre of excellence in the field of architectural, material conservation and heritage management. The trust was established in 1972 by the 36th Custodian of Marwar- Jodhpur; H. H. Maharaja Gaj Singh II.
The Trust is at the forefront of conservation and restoration, a generous patron of the arts and music and a lively centre of academic studies. Our target audience includes tourists, localites, research scholars, academician

The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) Australia Full Member

The National Trust brings an amazing variety of places and spaces to life. Their determination to preserve natural and man-made sites of beauty or historic significance in Sydney for everyone to enjoy attracted the support needed to establish a National Trust in Australia.

National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) Australia Full Member

National Trust of Australia (Northern Territory) promotes the preservation and awareness of the heritage in their territory.
The primary objective is to promote the preservation of their heritage in whatever form that takes – buildings, places of historic, social, scientific or aesthetic significance or more intangible cultural heritage.
The National Trust reaches out into the community and monitors heritage issues throughout the Territory. It acts as an advocate for conservation and to lobby governments in matters of cultural heritage, legislation and conservation.

Member Organisation Name Member Country Member Type Website Mission Statement or overview
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