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ASK-INTO request expertise

Request expertise using the ASK-INTO programme.

INTO members who need expertise from within the membership can request INTO to help them find this.  The INTO secretariat will reach out to the international network to find this expertise and partner it with you. Depending on the member’s needs, we can draw on the following resources:

  • Expertise within member organisations.
  • Expertise from the bank of global Specialist Advisers maintained by the INTO Secretariat.
  • Expertise from INTO partner organisations.
  • Expertise within the INTO secretariat.

Please request expertise by sending an email to Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Bishop, available at  Please note that you must be a member of INTO to request support via ASK-INTO.

You should describe the type of expertise required, the nature of the heritage involved and any other contextual that you think might be helpful.

In some cases, INTO can support some of the costs associated with members accessing the needed expertise. This funding is limited and discretionary, with priority according to the level of need and the potential impact of the work. You should discuss this with the INTO
Secretariat if funding is a requirement.

Discover examples below of the kind of previous ASK-INTO expertise projects:

In 2017, the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) discovered that a dolphinarium was being proposed by the government within the Pigeon Island National
In 2016, the INTO Secretariat was approached for support in setting up a National Trust in Georgia. INTO supported the
In April, INTO's small grants programme supported Anita Stevens and Ruth Lewis to travel from the UK to Austrlia, in


The ASK-INTO programme is provided with the generous support of the Helen Hamlyn Trust


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