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Trust Kids

Welcome to our Trust Kids! Challenge

You can download the Trust Kids! brochure below.  (It contains some background to the campaign as well as tips and hints on how to complete the activities).  Or you can tick off as many as possible from the list here.

When you come to the ‘Sharing our culture’ section, don’t forget to share these with INTO!

Finally, when you have finished all 25, please let us know and we will send you your special Trust Kids! Cultural Heritage Ambassador Certificate!

– Good luck!

Download our brochure!

Read a summary of Fiona’s 2017 World Heritage Day speech here

Trust Kids - 25 Things

This form is used to provide a checklist for Trust Kids to fill in when they have completed their tasks.n

Find out more

You can find out more about the inspiration for Trust Kids! – and some more ideas for celebrating the best bits of your cultural heritage and identity – by downloading the Heritage Education Tool Kit of the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda.

You can also download last year’s World Heritage Day lecture and our 2016 State of Global Heritage Report.

Or read Catherine Leonard’s blog about Heritage Education.

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