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Working Holidays

We are delighted to offer a selection of INTO’s very popular working holidays for Summer 2019!

These holidays are organised and run independently by members of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO), which is the focal point for the worldwide National Trust movement.  We hope there is something you will enjoy – whether it’s learning traditional blacksmithing or plastering in Romania or helping to conserve a castle or rebuilding a historic garden pavilion in the Czech Republic.  Please note that we will be uploading a larger selection of overseas working holidays in March 2019.

NB.  Please apply directly to the holiday organisers.  Email addresses can be found after each holidays.

Traditional Lime Plastering at Neamtu Mansion, Southern Romania
The Neamtu mansion, a National Heritage Monument, is situated in Olari, Olt County and is very close to the Danube. 
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Learn Blacksmithing & Traditional Crafts at the Manor, Moldavia, Romania
This is your opportunity to try traditional crafts in the grounds of the Petre Carp manor built at the end
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Permaculture in the Historical Park at Izvoru, Southern Central Romania
This holiday offers the chance to discover the history and beauty of the Manor and the Park Perticari-Davila of Izvoru
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Building a Visitor Centre and Volunteer Base near Kromeriz, Czech Republic
Participants will be working on CNT’s pilot project – clearing parkland around the chapel and mausoleum linked to Marie Ebner
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Conserving Rozmital Castle, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
The conservation work will be taking place in one of the oldest and culturally significant Gothic-Renaissance castles, in a small
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Transforming Chateau Hukvaldy, North Moravia, Czech Republic
Dates: 01/09/2019 – 08/09/2019 Help us to reconstruct the Archbishop’s Chateau in Hukvaldy, a small town in North Moravia.  After
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Conserving Krásný Dvůr, Western Bohemia, Czech Republic
Krásný Dvůr is a large estate that once belonged to the Czernin family and is now in the care of
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Restoration at Vizovice Chateau, East Moravia, Czech Republic
Beautiful Vizovice Chateau dates from the 18th century and is now in the care of the Czech National Heritage Institute. 
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Rebuilding Červený Dvůr Estate, Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic
This is the eighth holiday at Červený Dvůr, a historic estate that was once the summer residence of the Schwarzenberg
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