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  • INTO教学知识库包含来自我们会员的朋友,最佳实践有用的例子,到文档中,组织方案的分析和知识来自世界各地越来越多的文章。
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  • 整个澳大利亚国家信托基金的地方可持续管理 This report from the Australian Council of National Trusts outlines the main issues related to current management strategies on the conservation of National Trust properties across Australia and present a framework to construct effective future management and to provide guidelines in the form of conservation/interpretation management plans to sustainably manage the properties under National Trust ...
  • 对NTS的企业计划2014-15摘要 This is a summary of the third annual corporate plan of the National Trust for Scotland’s five-year strategy, Securing the Future for our Past. The Strategy was set out at our 2011 Annual General Meeting and will take until 2016 to come to fruition. Growing: Summary of Year 3 of the NTS’s Corporate Plan
  • 有员工开始 This is a guide for the nonprofit board, published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, about hiring staff. Starting with Staff: A guide for the non-profit board There is nothing quite as promising as a newly formed organization, flush with a vision and full of energy.  And while that exhilarating sense of potential is overwhelming when ...
  • 移海岸 The coast is an immensely dynamic environment. Sea-level rise and climate change are forecast to increase the scale and pace of coastal change. This pamphlet draws on the National Trust’s experience as Britain’s largest coastal landowner. Shifting Shores
  • 征用制度用简单的英语 This book, published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, provides the keys to understanding the legal history and its import for modern Americans. Takings Law In Plain English
  • 保护我们的过去的将来(5年全国信任为苏格兰的战略) The National Trust for Scotland has applied itself to the key questions: What is conservation? What is it we are conserving or should be conserving and why are we doing it? How can we bring fresh thinking, energy and innovation to conserving and promoting our heritage? This strategy distils nearly a year’s worth of review, action and ...






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