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  • 前往劍橋(我們的當地交通指南) 許多參與國際國民信託大會的代表將乘飛機來來到英國,最可能降落的機場是Heathrow和Gatwick. 以下是一些從機場到劍橋、還有倫敦周遭的交通建議。 This information is provided by Geoffery Read, INTO Volunteer Director, and frequent traveler. BUY AN OYSTER CARD. This is a main travel card for all forms of London Public Transport ( the Underground or Tube, buses, overground trains and some of the Thames river ferries) . You can buy an Oyster Card at all tube stations ...
  • 从斐济更新 – 小额赠款计划 加入志愿者巴特面包车阿列尔来自荷兰,加盟斐济国民信托作为文物建筑顾问在2013年10月的INTO旗帜下。与由大变小格兰特提供种子资金,巴特将协助NTF和当地政府在实施管理斐济的第一个世界遗产,发展文物径,开展以社区为基础的研究到历史建筑和支持建立伙伴关系,以进一步工作,在斐济文物建筑。 Working far from his natural setting and in a totally different cultural and environmental context is a challenge which Bart has taken in his stride. Since his arrival he has worked very closely with the municipality of the World Heritage Town of Levuka on the island of Ovalau, providing advice on maintenance of buildings, improvements ...
  • 恭喜發財 祝你好運,身體健康,來年 恭喜發財

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