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The International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) held its biennial conference in Cambridge, UK, from 7-11 September 2015, co-hosted by the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

With the theme, Common threads; Different patterns, the 16th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT) set out to explore the question ‘what is the role and purpose of the National Trust movement in the 21st Century?’.

INTO’s role is to make the National Trust movement greater than the sum of its parts by providing a global focal point through which the movement, from every corner of the earth, comes together and works together. The ICNT provides the space for this to happen in real time and it was wonderful to see so many of INTO’s 65 member organisations and other delegates from across the world in Cambridge last week. Thanks are due to our sponsors, especially those who have enabled attendance from such a wide range of countries, including American Express, the Helen Hamlyn Trust and the Headley Trust.

INTO team at Anglesey AbbeyGrowing the movenet (Fortunate)








Delegates from more than 70 countries including Australia, the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Bermuda, Indonesia, Slovenia, Korea, China and Japan arrived in Cambridge for the conference with events held at King’s College and West Road Concert Hall before heading out for workshops held at National Trust properties Wimpole Hall, Anglesey Abbey, Wicken Fen, Theatre Royal and Ickworth.

Focused on understanding the threats to our global heritage, and sharing new strategies to counter these in the future, the conference was a perfect opportunity for the different countries to come together and recognise that whilst each organisation is different, they face shared challenges and opportunities such as increasing pressure of land and landscapes, economic volatility and staying relevant in an ever-changing society.

Debate picture (Anika)The week began with the INTO Congress on Monday 7 September, during which Fiona Reynolds was elected the new Chairman of INTO, succeeding Simon Molesworth, who has led the organisation for the last ten years. New Executive Committee members and officers were also elected – there is a full list here. The conference then officially opened with an address from Helen Ghosh and a video welcome from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Environmentalist Jonathan Porritt gave the keynote address for the day and delegates took part in first day debates and lectures before spending the evening in the surroundings of Kings College, Cambridge for a drinks reception together with talks from our Chairman Tim Parker and Loyd Grossman, Chairman of the Heritage Alliance.

Delegates at Wimpole


The rest of the week saw them travel to National Trust places around Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, with property and regional staff and volunteers on hand to welcome them and act as ‘conference-makers’ as well as leading workshops and discussion groups. These sessions provided delegates with the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of their work and share expertise in the three themes of the conference: growing the movement (the business of heritage conservation – how to get better at fundraising, volunteer management, membership development); in owning and managing land and landscape and how to ensure that heritage remains relevant.

Ickworth partyAmongst the discussions there was time for some fun and traditional culture with croquet on the lawn and Morris dancers at Ickworth whilst a barn dance got everyone up and dancing for the final night party at Wimpole Home Farm.

balinese-dancer1 (Ben)Closing the conference, delegates responded positively to a speech from journalist George Monbiot, who challenged us all to interrogate the conspiracy of silences that somehow prevent action in the present day.


From the extraction of fossil fuels, the rapid erosion of soils, the treatment of farm animals and the rate of species decline there was strong food for thought and George ended by asking the assembled National Trusts of the world to ‘ask how future generations might judge you, and live according to what they might ask of you, not just according to what the present demands’. Full text here.

Finally, the conference ended with a beautiful performance of Balinese dancing, as a handover to the next International Conference, which takes place in Indonesia in 2017.

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There is a full summary here.


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  • 阿尼卡莫爾斯沃思的從ICNT16博客 Anika Molesworth, the Manager of the INTO Farms program attended ICNT16 in Cambridge and provided our members with a daily report. These posts are on the INTO Farms website, but we know that all our members will find them fascinating. To view Anika’s Blog FOLLOW THIS LINK.
  • 相同的路徑,不同的模式 2015 國際國民信託大會在劍橋:David Brown,美國歷史保存國民信託執行副總裁的部落格。 英國鄉村的美麗莊園、烏干達的無形文化襲產、加拿大的老燈塔、澳洲的牧場、中國上海的歷史建築、印尼的峇里傳統舞蹈、印度的歷史堡壘…. 他們之間有什麼共通之處呢? 這些獨一無二的歷史文化襲產都出現在國際國民信託大會中受到討論,以了解世界各地的國民信託如何保護、保存、活用有特殊意義的地點。 點此閱讀David Brown的網誌。  
  • 聖母院菲奧娜·雷諾茲當選的傳承與保護慈善組織的全球網絡主席 Members of INTO, the International National Trusts Organisation, the leading authority on the work and philosophy of National Trusts around the world, have today elected new Executive Committee members and a new Chairman at the 16th International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT) in Cambridge, UK. Dame Fiona Reynolds DBE replaces Professor Simon Molesworth AO QC, who ...
  • 歡迎來自親王查爾斯ICNT16 On September 7th, HRH Prince Charles, President of the National Trust (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) welcomed conference delegates with this inspiring speech.
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  • 國際組織串聯-蝙蝠保護聯盟 國際組織結盟,串聯成全球蝙蝠保育聯盟 2015年9月10日 在今天的第16屆國際國民信託大會上,一個新的聯盟成立了,宗旨是保護世界上超過1330種的蝙蝠。 總部位在英國倫敦的國際國民信託組織和總部在美國德州的國際蝙蝠保育組織(Bat Conservation International, BCI)同意合作保育世界上最瀕臨絕種的蝙蝠;這兩個組織在2015年2月時簽訂了正式的合作備忘錄。 INTO主席Dame Fiona Reynolds說「這對我們而言是一個很重要的結盟,我們很高興有機會能和致力於保育的國際蝙蝠保育組織的夥伴們更密切合作。在氣候變遷以及棲地大幅消失的時代,國際組織間通力合作保護這些重要的動物更顯重要。蝙蝠對於環境的重要性也越來越清楚了。」 蝙蝠保育組織的執行長Andrew Walker說「蝙蝠對於維持生態系以及人類經濟體系的平衡與健康都是必要的。蝙蝠攝食大量昆蟲,所以對於農場作物也有益處、牠們也為植物授粉及傳遞種子,協助熱帶森林復原;如果牠們消失了,我們將付出很大代價。我們對於和INTO新的合作關係及這帶來的新的機會感到很興奮。」 蝙蝠保育組織已經領導蝙蝠保育的領域超過30年,他們和世界各地的在地、區域性的、全國的及跨國的組織夥伴合作,應對蝙蝠保育危機,防止受威脅的蝙蝠物種滅絕。 「國民信託在許多國家中是首屈一指的保育團體,他們的協助將能帶給蝙蝠保育組織在亞、非、拉丁美洲、南太平洋等地的工作很大的幫助。」Walker說。 國際國民信託組織-蝙蝠保育組織的合作關係已經在斐濟看到成果。斐濟國民信託、蝙蝠保育組織、自然斐濟(Nature Fiji)-一個針對物種的保育團體已經開始合作,保護只出現在Taveuni島的極度瀕絕的Mirimiri狐蝠、以及Vanua Levu島的斐濟游離尾蝠。Mirimiri狐蝠是一種大型的食果蝙蝠,只生活在這火山島高處僅存的雲霧林。斐濟游離尾蝠目前則僅被發現存於一個洞穴裡,這三個組織正和斐濟政府以及當地社區一起努力保護這個洞穴。 「很高興這三個組織能合作保護斐濟的稀有蝙蝠;我們還需要做很多努力,才能了解斐濟的蝙蝠、保護牠們的棲地並促使當地社群一同加入。有了國際國民信託組織和蝙蝠保育組織的支持,我們希望能為瀕絕蝙蝠的保育帶來正面成果。」 斐濟國民信託理事Robin Yarrow表示。 這個夥伴關係將投注心力結合科學、教育、直接行動來提升國際社會對於蝙蝠保育的關注及保育行動。
  • 公佈了全國信託的第16屆國際會議全部程序 INTO, the International National Trusts Organisation together with co-hosts, the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, has published the full programme for the 16th International Conference of National Trusts. The International Conference of National Trusts, taking place from 7th – 11th September 2015 at the University of Cambridge and surrounding National Trust properties, ...
  • INTO大會論文可在線 In preparation for the INTO Congress to be held in Cambridge on September 7th, 2015 the following papers for delegates are now available: Congress Agenda INTO Nomination Form for Executive Committee 2015 v2 INTO By-law No 2 re Tenure of Office bearers 11 06 2015 INTO By-law No 1 re Candidates for election to Executive 11 06 2015
  • 回憶錄的東盎格魯房地產商的,由奧利弗·莫里斯,鴻海董事INTO For those coming to ICNT 16 in Cambridge I thought it might be of interest to have a little background from my personal experience of managing some of the NT properties that we will be visiting as part of the Conference itself and also, for those coming early or staying on afterwards, other NT properties ...
  • 精神罕見的雨:創建一個當代範式的文化認同 We are all absolutely delighted that Maharaja Gaj Singh, Managing Trustee of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust in Jodhpur, will be giving a keynote address at the International Conference of National Trusts on 7 September.   It is nearly five years since my visit to Mehrangarh and I look forward to hearing how things have developed since then. I had the honour of ...
  • 800年前的今天(2015年6月15日),約翰國王頒定大憲章 現在,現代憲政的起源大憲章(Magna Carta)頒定的地點,也被視為現代民主起源地的藍尼米德(Runnymede)是英國國民信託的受託物業,受到妥善管理與保護,不過,在1920年代時,這裡差點被開發所破壞,幸好被關心這個地點的重要意義且富有的Fairhavens家族拯救並捐贈給國民信託。 慶祝大憲章頒布800周年讓我們重新檢視這個影響中世紀以降政治的廣泛傳播的思想和觀點,並且思考國民信託這樣的組織扮演的腳色,除了從歷史借鏡看待當代議題,還有使人們一起加入保護他們的襲產。 Back in 1215, a disgruntled group of barons were asserting their rights and demanding that their unpopular King be made accountable to the rule of law. By June, King John had agreed to seal the proposed ‘Great Charter of Liberty’, enshrining their rights in law. The most famous and important of the 63 clauses enshrined ...

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