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Catherine Leonard

Catherine Leonard With a background in languages, Catherine Leonard spent four years developing teaching resources for children, including a year on the French island of La Reunion. Catherine then worked for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before joining the National Trust (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) in 1999 as European and Overseas Co-ordinator, when she was responsible for the Trust’s work with overseas heritage conservation groups, running the European Exchange Programme and managing the European Network of National Heritage Organisations.  Over the years, Catherine has been involved with National Trusts all over the world (from Australia, Bermuda and China to Slovakia, USA and Zimbabwe!) and now heads the INTO Secretariat.   Catherine studied languages and literature at university and has spent time living and working in France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

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Oliver Maurice

oliver-mauriceresized Oliver Maurice is INTO’s Director of Membership Development and Services. He is responsible for ‘growing’ the National Trust family, helping existing Trusts develop their capacity and advising embryonic organisations on the transition to becoming National Trusts. He will be overseeing the provision of services to members. During a career spanning 32 years with the National Trust for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Oliver, who trained as a land agent and chartered surveyor, was responsible for the direct management of many properties and estates, firstly in the Lake District (NW England) and then East Anglia, before being promoted to Director of the Northumbria Region, a post that he held for 8 years, and finally Director of the NW region for 10 years. Following his retirement in 2002 Oliver became an international heritage consultant, offering advice and assistance to National and Heritage Trusts around the world. In that capacity he has helped to establish the Bali Heritage Trust, has worked with the Sumatra Heritage Trust, the National Trust for New South Wales, the National Trust of Fiji and Din L’Art Helwa (the National Trust for Malta) and the National Trust of Barbados, giving talks, running workshops and, when requested, writing a report with recommendations following the visit. In 2006, Oliver and his wife moved to the south of France.

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Geoffrey Read

Geoffrey-Read Geoffrey Read is INTO’s Director of Special Projects and has spent his career working on urban development issues and programmes. Geoff has a background in civil and municipal engineering and, with a smattering of applied economics. Experience working in Europe, Africa and South and East Asia has given the opportunity to be exposed to a broad range of challenges to be dealt with during policy assessment and formulation, development programme design, and physical project management and implementation. His academic background is in civil and municipal engineering, and business administration. Building on extensive private sector experience, and then some 25 years working in the World Bank Group, much of it China, he has had the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of approaches adopted, and lessons learned by clients, addressing the challenges of urban development, including those specifically exploring the unique role and features of culture and heritage. In China, he has also advised on heritage programs in a number of provinces and several of China’s mega-cities.

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Roger Wheelock

Roger Wheelock

Roger Wheelock

Roger Wheelock is INTO’s Director of Strategic Projects and is also the principal of Wheelock Tourism Strategies. During his employment career, he was President and CEO of Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario; Executive Vice-president and COO of the Canadian Tourism Commission, Ottawa; and CEO and General Manager of The Butchart Gardens. During his time with the Tourism Commission (where he was first hired as VP – Marketing), he was Canada’s delegate to the World Tourism Organization (Madrid) and was Chair of the Destinations Committee of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (Bangkok). Roger has been Chair of the Board of Governors of the University of Victoria, President of the BC Government House Foundation, Chair of the BC Heritage Trust, and Chair of the Victoria Heritage Foundation. Prior to joining the Canadian Tourism Commission, he was appointed by the Commission to chair the national Committee on Product Development. Among other awards, he is an Honorary Citizen of Victoria and was awarded the Canada 125 medal.

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